10 of 2016’s Encouraging Cannabis Research Studies

But for the destructive actions of Harry J. Anslinger we might have known all of this long ago.  Better late than never, I guess.  Here is what legitimate scientific research revealed about cannabis just last year.
1. Pot Use Doesn’t Adversely Impact IQ. The cumulative use of cannabis by adolescents has no ill effect on intelligence . . .
2. Cannabis Consumption Is Correlated With Lower BMI. Those who use marijuana, on average, possess a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who abstain from the herb.
3. Fewer Traffic Fatalities Occur In Medical Cannabis States. The passage of medical marijuana legalization is associated with reduced traffic fatalities among younger drivers . . .
4. Pot Patients Spend Less On Prescription Drugs. Patients who reside states where medical cannabis is legal spend less money overall on conventional medications.
5. Pot Users No More Likely Than Abstainers to Access Health Care Services. Cannabis consumers are not a drain on the health care system.
6. Marijuana Use History Associated With Better In-Hospital Survival Rates. Patients who test positive for cannabis are less likely to die while hospitalized . . .
7. More Seniors Are Turning to Cannabis. More seniors are becoming stoners.
8. Maternal Marijuana Use Risks Likely Have Been Overstated. The moderate use of cannabis during pregnancy is not an independent risk factor for adverse neonatal outcomes such as low birth weight . . .
9. Unlike Drinking Booze, Smoking Pot Decreases Aggression. It’s long been presumed that consuming alcohol increases user’s feelings of aggression while cannabis exposure does just the opposite. Data published in July in journal Psychopharmacology confirms it.
10. Fewer Teens Are Abusing Pot In the Era of Legalization. Fewer adolescents are consuming cannabis; among those who do, fewer are engaging in problematic use of the plant . . .

You can find more detail and links to the original studies on each of these points HERE.

[image:  auroville.org]

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