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10 Amazing Kobe Bryant Buzzer Beaters


Throughout the years there have been many trials and tribulations in the life of Kobe Bryant. People have called him cocky, accused him of rape and infidelity, criticized his efforts but one thing no one can deny is that he is pretty good at basketball when he wants to be. Right now there is no one better with the game on the line in the fourth quarter, period. Sorry LeBron but Kobe is still the best in the land for at least this year. Your time will come.

Here are 10 of Kobe Bryant’s best buzzer beating shots ever.

12/16/09 vs. The Bucks – Last nights amazing shot. The Bucks should have seen this coming.

12/04/09 Vs. The Heat – There is no way to defend that.

Game 4 of the 2006 Playoffs vs the Suns – Classic after shot celebration

05/08/2009 Vs. The Rockets – Long 3 pointers at the buzzer are impressive.

Rare buzzer beater vs the Knicks – This one is so old, Kobe still had the fro.

Game winner vs Trail Blazers – What a shot

Crazy running shot vs Spurs – How did he make that one?

Left handed buzzer beater vs Thunder – Kobe is a righty by the way.

In your face LeBron.

Kobe beats two Nuggets surrounding him.

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