10 Classic Celebrity Deathmatch Battles

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Remember the old MTV show Celebrity Deathmatch? It was the one where they would match celebrities up in a fight, make clay versions of these celebrities and have them fight violently to the death. I unintentionally stole the idea from them with my “Who Would Win in A Fight?” posts where you can vote a new crazy celebrity matchup every day.

Being that MTV came up with the idea of celebrities fighting first, I figured I would pay homage to them by finding some of classic Celebrity Deathmatch fights by finding 10 classic showdowns. Enjoy.

Pink vs. Mandy Moore – Good girl vs the Bad Girl

David Blaine vs. David Copperfield – A Magical showdown

Madonna vs Michael Jackson – Whoever did Michael Jackson’s voiceover in this scene is hilarious.

Kid Rock vs Eminem

Marilyn Manson vs Ricky Martin [Edited] – Livin La Vida Loca!

Melissa Joan Hart vs Alyssa Milana – Battle two former TV Witches

Axel vs Slash – A Rocker battle

Pamela Anderson Lee vs RuPaul – I wonder who is faker?

Eddy Vedder (Pearl Jam) vs Scott Stapp (Creed) – More Rockers duke it out.

David Spade Vs Steven Seagal – My money’s on Seagal…

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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