10 Comical Scenes From Parking Wars



Parking Wars is an interesting show that comes on A&E that shows the softer side of those assholes who put tickets on your car when you run in to the store to grab a quick dutch. Normally you get your ticket and that $1.25 dutch turns into a $30 dutch and all you can think about is how much of an asshole they are. It’s rare that you look at it from their perspective. Despite the fact that they have one of the worst jobs in the world and get no respect and rightfully so, they are still people. That’s has to count for something. That’s the best reason I could come up with for why someone should have compassion for them. Either way, take of look at what they have to endure in some of these hilarious clips from the show.

No parking, even with your hazard lights on

Apparently Philly sucks, but we already knew that.

Lots of stress. This sounds like no fun.

White trash on parking wars = hilarity

This would make your work day suck, mainly because once the boot is off you have to get back to it.

“This is what happens when you don’t listen to mama”

“To be a ticket officer, you must really not be able to get any other job or have any other job skills…”

Ticket Genie…..

Just the ticket

War stories

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