10 Hilariously Crazy Homeless People

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Homeless people are interesting. If you search the streets of any major city in the world, you are bound to run into a least a few of them. The majority of them will just ask for change. Some have special talents like music, dancing or just creating some very interesting signs. Some don’t.

Some have let living on the streets get the best of them and have lost their minds. The sad thing is, once you go crazy on the streets the likelihood of you getting off the streets isn’t that high. As long as these bums are crazy and on the streets anyway though, we might as well get some entertainment out of it right?

Here are some of the funniest homeless people ever caught on tape.

Selling Crack With Hos In The Back

This is a classic video. I’m not a big fan of PT cruisers either but damn, was all that necessary?

Crazy Bum vs Mail Box

Who ya got?

47 Years Old A Month Ago

He makes sure you know how old he is, along with lots of other useless information that you didn’t need.

Crazy Dancing Lady

Nice moves.

Number 4

This guy seems to worship the number 4 for some strange reason.

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Author: Lenny

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