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10 Marijuana Recipes That Will Surely Enhance Your 4th Of July Weekend


Happy 4th Of July Eve.  While I am on my way to a different state, most people will probably be staying put, either indoors or out watching the fireworks.  Whether a trip to the beach is planned, a BBQ or a party at your place, you will need to have food and weed over the weekend.  Why not combine them and kill two bird with one stone?

Now you’re thinking!

Here are some marijuana cooking recipes that will be sure to keep you and your friends buzzing this entire weekend.  Have fun!

Special Brownies


The brownies are the king of all marijuana foods.  If you haven’t made these before, make them before you read anything else on this list.


1 Box of brownie mix {pick one that requires oil} (Fudge if you want to sleep soon, any other flavor if you don’t)

4-18 grams of weed (the more the merrier)


The brownie mix should call for oil.

Add the weed to the oil in a saucepan.

Cook on medium-low for 30 mins (trust me the time is worth it)

Strain out weed and follow instructions on the box to make the brownies.

Also if you want to smoke while the brownies cook dry the weed by using 4 napkins and some books.
Then smoke away as desired.
The weed still contains some THC.



This recipe is the basis for a lot of recipes on and off this list.  If you have cannabutter you can pretty much add it to anything that uses butter and get it there.

You can use almost anything to make butter… from good buds to leaves and stems. I prefer the leaves and stems because the buds are good for smoking (if you have buds… try smoking them, its fun! ).

This is how to make butter for those who dont own a crock pot.

Step 1:
Pull out your leaves/trimmings/buds

Step 2:
Pull out the butter (I used 3 cubes for this batch)

Step 3: melt down the butter in a small pot (unless you are making a lot) directly over the flame

Step 4: Add your MJ.

Step 5: Once the butter is melted and the grass is in it, move the pot into a slightly bigger pot that has enough water in it to cover the smaller pot atleast half way up the sides, but not too high as you dont want water boiling up into your butter.

Step 6: Lower the flame and cook the butter for many hours (i do it for atleast 4 hours… but the longer the better) Be sure to stir it every once in a while and add hot water to the double boiler when needed.

Step 7: Take a reusable coffee filter (a cheese cloth or a regular coffee filter might work) and pour the butter through the filter. Smoosh the left over leaves and stuff to get as much butter as you can.

P.S. I recommend making extra creme brules the night before to leave in the sink for this step.

Step 8: Bask in your glory (by pouring the butter into a tupperware container)

Step 9: close and freeze the butter

Or if you want to bake with it right away, you can just pour it directly into your recipe. Here are a couple results from my trials… the one on the left wasn’t cooked as long, but it was made with buds and the buds were left in it… the one on the right was made with leaves and trim and a little keef and was done like this tutorial. The green one on the right was stronger.

Cannabis Vodka


For the drinkers out there and yes, this will actually work.


1/4 oz. of stockpiled cannabis stems from breaking up buds.

Vodka (any kind should do)

Glass container


Place all stockpiled stems in a jar. Pour in your vodka, just enough to fully submerge the stems. Let set in a dark place for about a week. After that, you will need to strain out the stems. A great trick is to make tea type bags out of coffee filters and stems for easy removal.

Fire Crackers


These make great, easy party treats. Keep in mind that you must use 100 percent natural peanut butter, since processed butters lose much of the essential peanut oil. (With all cannabis recipes, it’s important that some form of peanut oil, vegetable oil, animal fat, or the like is included, to help your stomach metabolize the active ingredients — THC and related cannabinoids.)

This recipe yields four Fire Crackers, only enough for one or two people — make more if you expect lots of guests. Adding more than one gram of bud per four crackers is not recommended; it’s better to make more crackers instead of putting more pot on the ones you do make.Start with two to three crackers, wait an hour and see how you feel. At that point, eat more as desired.


Natural peanut butter
8 saltine crackers
1 gram coarsely ground cannabis

Spread peanut butter on four crackers. Sprinkle each with 1/4 gram of pot and top with remaining crackers to yield four sandwiches.
Preheat oven to 325° F. Wrap sandwiches in foil (optional, but preferred), then place on a baking sheet. Bake 20-25 minutes, remove from oven, place in refrigerator for 20-30 minutes, and enjoy! Fire Crackers can be frozen.

Pot Dog


It’s the 4th for crying out loud.  As long as you are going to be going to a BBQ anyway, might as well make your hot dog special.


grated chedder

1/4 gram fine ground pot


hotdog bun


Put hot dog in bun with your grated cheese add pot and nuke for a minute. let cool and enjoy!

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • Good post but cannabis vodka 100% does not work. THC is water soluble and alcohol will completely destroy Tetrahydrocannabinol… sorry

    • damn…. I haven't tried it but I was assured by a relatively reliable source that it worked…. I dunno… try at your own risk people…

    • JerryVT

      THC is NOT water-soluble, which is why bongs and waterpipes work. If the THC was absorbed by the water, you wouldn't get real burnt, now would you?

      • JeezyBeezy

        My friend made hash everclear, and it worked like a charm. Just don't drink the black oily gunk at the bottom, he alternated puking and sleeping for 36 hours.

    • T420

      thc is NOT water soluble u idiot, hence y it sticks to fat cells!!!!

    • thunderdragon

      Boy, have you got it backwards! Cannabis is NOT water soluble, and will extract THC very nicely in alcohol!

    • J Jayz Baked Goods

      THC will attach itself to creams, fats, oils and alcohol

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  • green dragon

    i know for a fact that cannabis vodka is legit… ive had it before. thc is not water soluble at all, its alcohol soluble. its called “green dragon” and it completely fucks you up

  • good… glad I wasn't wrong about that…. my source is very credible in this field… lol..

  • WeedChef

    Are you sure that the dog would work? What is the thc being released into? The cheese? If you just eat the weed on the dog you're not going to get high.

    • J Jayz Baked Goods

      not to mention putting it in the microwave will destroy some of the thc content if not all of it….but i do have some ideas for a real pot dog…care to colab?

  • Annon

    These recipes are terrible! I have been cooking with cannabis for years. I can't even believe that the brownie recipe got posted! You should NEVER use oil based brownies in a box. The only thing on here worth anything is the butter.

    • WeedChef

      I disagree. If you extract the THC into the oil it is JUST as good as cannabutta. It's actually much easier to make.

  • petard

    Any cannabis recipe of any worth that involves oil or vodka as the medium must indicate how much oil or vodka to use. Your cannabis vodka recipe just says pour vodka over stems. If you steep stems in, say, a pint of vodka, you'd have to drink the whole pint to feel any thc buzz at all, and by that point you wouldn't even be able to tell that stems are very weak sources of thc.

    • J Jayz Baked Goods

      besides if your gonna use vodka you might as well go tincture…i prefer everclear though…and a good tincture youd use buds or good trim and it would take a month…2 if you like to take your time and do this proper…that little extra TLC you give the THC shows in the finished product.. stay medicated 🙂

  • BellaBaby

    Omg I just Want To Get High, But I Want New Ideas 😉

  • master keef

    Fuck the police!