10 Must See Michael Jackson Impersonations

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TMZ had sad news to report today as Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest. I’ll definitely be pouring out some liquor this evening for the king of pop. Even though there were many allegations (that were probably true) of him doing inappropriate things, he was still the man. When he did it, there was no one better. He was to music was Michael Jordan was to basketball. He was a star from when he was a little kid till when he tragically died at the age of 50.

RIP Michael Jackson.

Instead of sitting around crying, I decided that I was going to remember some of the good Michael Jackson moments in a post on my site. The first inclination was to make a Top videos post but I figured that has probably been done many times so I decided to get a little more creative and find some of the best (and worst) Michael Jackson impersonations of all . You know you’re a star when your impersonators can fill up rooms and arenas just impersonating you. Michael Jackson will be the new Elvis Presley in the casinos.

Although these video are in no particular order, the fake Michael Jackson’s got extra cool points if they did the moonwalk at any point in the video. They all don’t compare to my boy Brandon’s impersonation of Mike when he was like 12.  Too bad I didn’t have a video for that one.  Oh well.  Enjoy.

Nice Moves

This guy isn’t in the same shape as Mike was but he had the moves down. He even hits us off with a very decent moonwalk.

Mini Michael

This little is just plain funny. I’d throw a few bucks in his hat.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy’s impersonation of Michael wasn’t as elaborate as the others because this is from his classic standup show Delirious. Still very funny nonetheless.

Malaysian Idol

Wow!!!!! I really hope this was joke.

850 People Doing Thriller

The world record for people dancing to Thriller was set in Austin, TX last year and I was there. This went down when I was still living in Texas.  Pure awesomeness.

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Author: Lenny

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