10 People From 2011 I’d Like To Smoke With

This is all my (Green) own opinion on people I’d like to smoke with in 2011.

A lot of big things happened in 2011 just like every other year. We had floods in Japan, Obama caught Bin laden, Occupying all over the world, civil wars in northern Africa, Micheal Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Steve Jobs all pass and plenty more. After saying that it sounds like 2011 was just a horrible year. But with bad there is always good. Obama got the troops out of Iraq, Instagram started, everyone finally got a twitter (which is good and bad), 3D movies took over, ESPN is playing European soccer and much more. With all the crazy news flooding our twitter and facebook timelines we sometimes forget about the individuals that do great things throughout the year. From the amazing job Steve Jobs did with apple to what 50 Cent is doing with SK. There was about ten people that caught my eye that really stood out to me. So I put together a list of the coolest people from 2011 that I would want to smoke with. Some may smoke others may not, that’s not the point here. Each person has done something I thought was either great, funny, or life changing in the year of 2011. From politicians to rappers to you. These are in no specific order.

1. David Karp

David Karp is the founder and CEO of Tumblr. It is by far the most addicting social network right behind twitter. Tumblr brings all the kids around the world that are just like you. It has every picture you could possibly think of plus a million you couldn’t. The internet has always been the place to find crazy pictures, but tumblr took a step further. I absolutely love tumblr so much. I can’t tell you how many times I have been late for something because I could not stop scrolling through tumblr. Follow us on tumblr here.

2. A$AP Rocky

A$AP is one of my favorite new artists of 2011. He released one amazing mixtape called Live.Love.A$AP on Halloween and it is still getting daily play. His swag, videos, and Harlem mixed with Texas lyrics have me feeling so trill while listening to it. Plus he has plenty of marijuana based songs. You know that goes a long way here at HMJ. Checkout some of A$AP Rocky’s weed music here.

3. Ron Paul

To be honest I don’t have much to say about Ron Paul. You all know why I really like him. He is pro-marijuana 100% and fights for the 99%. He wants to make this country better for the majority of people not just the 1% like Bushy did. If he makes it, I will be voting for him for sure.

4. Joe Rogan

Who wouldn’t want to smoke with Fear Factor/UFC host Joe Rogan? If you wouldn’t please hit that ‘x’ at the top right of your page. He is one of my favorite marijuana activists. Since he is a comedian, it makes it so much better listening to him talk about the legalization of marijuana. My favorite line from him about legalizing marijuana to this day:

People say you can abuse marijuana. You can abuse cheeseburgers. Does that mean we should close Burger Kings.

He has had a big year with not only UFC but #FearFactorBack. I hope one day I am able to see him do live stand-up.

5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

You may be wondering who the hell is this. Or some of you Transformer fans already know why she is on this list. She replaced Megan Fox in the third Transformers movie and I didn’t have a problem with that at all. She is one smoking hot model for Victoria Secret. I think it’s safe to say she is the sexiest new actress of 2011 (LOL).

6. Foster The People

Foster The People are my favorite band of 2011 and also have my favorite album of 2011. From start to finish their album is spectacular. I’m calling it a classic already, that’s how amazing it is. They bring Indie pop, indie rock, indietronica, and indie dance into one sound. It is truly amazing what they have done in the past two years. They released their debut album Torches this year and it peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 100. I hope they keep up this amazing music. Check some of their hits here.

7. Webbie

Webbie, Webbie, Webbie. What can I say about this Trill Ent rapper who had me laughing with everything he did this year. From getting banned from B.E.T and kicked out of WalMart to his obnoxious interviews. Oh did I mention he released Savage Life 3 too. If you follow me on twitter, you would know how much I like Trill Ent which is Lil Boosie and Webbie’s label. So I have mad support for anything Trill does. Webbie was banned from B.E.T for whispering unwanted sexual advances to co-host Rocsi (as you can see in the pic above). Plus he had countless interviews where he showed he does not give two fucks about what anyone thinks. At one point and I quote Weebie, ” I am B.E.T.” Only Webbie would have the audacity to say something like that after being banned from the station. Don’t forget the list I did about Webbie too, 8 Things Webbie Has Taught His Fans. Webbie, king of keeping the tags on his cloths.

8. Tyler The Creator

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All! If you didn’t know what the hell OFWGKTA meant, there you go. Tyler The Masturbater is the leader of that gang of hooligans from the sunny state of California. He and OF are the most outrageous rap crew in hip-hop today. With countless mixtapes that go in on everything you can possibly think of to his vidieo for “Goblin” where he hangs himself at the end. Tyler is trully changing the or making his own lane in hip-hop. So much so that he won MTV’s Best New Aritst of 2011. Beating out Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, and Foster the People. All three of those artists are much bigger than him and all have major deals. He sold over 100,000 of his debut album without a huge label backing. Tyler does not have one of those. His group did it all on their own and grew to be one of the biggest groups in the music industry in 2011. Oh and he does smoke weed from time to time Greenies Ha!.

9. The 99%

We are the 99%! What they have done all over the country with the Occupy (insert city) has been truly an amazing thing. Although it might not have worked perfectly. They showed that we are here to take a stand against something that isn’t right. To that I salute you all and would love to smoke weed with all that smoke.

10. Curren$y

You know Curren$y is HMJ certified. We love everything him and the Jets do. From their music to lifestyle, we support. Curren$y has come a long way in his career. Going from my favorite label ever No Limits to Young Money then to completely independent and building the Jets. He has showed that you can stay independent and still do huge things. He really started getting big this year. I started noticing people around my area bumping his music and talking about him, finally! I’ve been waiting years for people to realize my favorite rapper.

Honorable Mention:

2 Chainz

2 Cahinz formerly known as Tity Boi, from the group Duffle Bag Boys, has been on everything this year. From his two very solid mixtapes to crazy feature game. TRU REALigion being my favorite one out of the two. That tape is still in my whip and hasn’t left since the day it came out. He is getting play on MTV Jamz and is getting shows all over the US. I will be seeing him with Jeezy next month. TRUUUUUUU

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