10 Real Signs To Tell If Your Kid Smokes Marijuana

breakfastclubI made a list that shows better signs to tell if your kids are doing pot. Parents don't realize their kids are smoking until after they've been caught. It's because they aren't looking at the right signs. They're only looking at signs like grades, sports and friends are not the best things to look at. You have to look for signs that are true to marijuana. I know it sounds tacky but it's true. I wrote an article on these signs and the link is below.

Breaking Stereotypes: The Right Signs To Tell If Your Kid Smokes Marijuana

I'm not trying to snitch on anyone. Marijuana isn't taboo anymore and that means the right steps should be taken when or looking to see if your kid is toking.

1. They smell like weed.

2. Has visine specifically for red eyes.

3. Talks about marijuana news a lot.

4. Has very diverse friends.

5. Plays Disc Golf.

6. Listens to Kottonmouth Kings.

7. They know the metric system

8. Disappears at family functions with a known smoker.

9. Works at a restaurant like the one in Waiting.

10. They tell you they're high.

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Author: MisterMaryJane

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  • Kurly1997

    Don’t forget about the dark lips. Oh…and then there are the crazy munchie combos (i.e. – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches w/chicken fried rice).

    • http://HailMaryJane.com/ Green

      If you can’t hide that then you deserve to be caught in the act of eating that lol

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