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11 Reasons Packed Weed Is Better Than Rolled Weed


Packed weed has always been more convenient and more enjoyable for myself. I’m not a huge joint or blunt roller. I’m ‘d rather a have a bong. I prefer a quick grind, pack and fire routine. Don’t get me wrong, smoking blunts is dope. I just prefer hitting a bong 99/100 times.

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We had an article written back in 2009 about reasons why rolled weed is better than packed weed. I thought it was time to give some reasons why packed weed is better than rolled weed. Feel free to comment and let us know what you agree or disagree on.

1. Saves Weed

Packing a bowl will save you more weed than burning it in a joint.

2. Get Higher With Less Bud

The amount of weed used to take two bongs rips is so much less than a joint. Plus, you’ll be even higher.

3. No Flying Ash

I hate when ash is on your pants or missing the ashtray. You never have that problem with packed weed.

4. No Burning Fingers or Lips

Smoking rolled weed can give you a burnt lip and burn your fingers randomly.

5. No Complaints

Nobody complains about how a bowl is packed. People complain about how a joint or blunt is rolled.

6. Bigger Hits

You can’t take a hit from rolled weed like you can from a bong.

7. No Roaches (Driving)

No need to have roaches in your car or laying around the house with that old weed smell.

8. Quick Smoke

One hitter comes to mind. Take a quick hit with little smoke and in complete stealth mode.

9. Less Smell/Smoke

We you hit a bowl, the amount of smoke is so much less than hitting a joint or blunt.

10. No Burn Holes

No hot ash is falling off packed weed.

11. Everyone Can Get Green Hits

If you do personal hits, everyone gets green hits. Everyone loves green hits.


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