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10 “Sports” We’re Not Sure Should Be Considered Real Sports


How do you define a sport? According to the dictionary that came with my macbook, it is defined like this.

Sport – an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment

The key words to me are “involving physical exertion.” There are many times when you can turn on ESPN and watch “sports” that you might have to step back and think to yourself, “how is this considered a sport?” They involve little to no physical exertion, not that much pressure, and anyone can play them whether they are in shape or could stand to lose a few pounds.  The sport may also just be plain stupid.

Anyway, here are some “sports” that I am not sure you can really call sports for one reason or the other.

Spelling Bee – This is currently airing on ESPN and I will never figure out why.

Segway Polo – Polo on segways? It doesn’t get much geekier than that.

Poker – Not sure if there is a lazier sport.


Rhythmic Gymnastics – This makes it as an Olympic sport yet pole dancing isn’t yet? Somethings seriously wrong with that.


Golf – This video has nothing to do with golf not being a real sport, I just think it’s funny.

Curling – Really??


Pool – I love pool but there is no way this should be considered a sport.

Synchronized Swimming – This probably requires you to be in the best shape of any of these fake sports, but who cares about synchronized swimming though.


Darts – I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Cheerleading – They are hot but this is no sport. I don’t care what you say.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • I agree with some of these, but ESPN stands for the entertainment and sports production network. So some of these would fall on the entertainment side.

  • That UroClub is the worst…goodness gracious lol! Nice blog fam, I’ll have to come back and check you out some more. Easy.


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  • Andrew

    Let’s add Nascar to the list. Driving a car in circles is not a sport.

  • George Carlin Jr

    If it has a ball (or at least something round), it’s a sport. If it doesn’t, it has to involve somebody (or team) being able to beat an opponent without someone else’s input: ice skating, gymnastics, ect., while physically demanding, are not sports because they are judged subjectively. Boxing could fall into this (3 judges), but you can still beat someone by ko . . . however, nascar doesn’t because my wife makes left-hand turns going 200 miles an hour, and there’s no way she’s an “athlete”.

    • olivia

      gymnastics is a sport. you try flipping your self in the air, defying gravity, you try doing ANYTHING on a 4 inch piece of wood, i didn’t think you could. so think before you say.

  • George Fox

    That comment about the wife’s driving was hilarious! I agree, nascar has to be removed from the actual sports list. Daring, sure; strategic, maybe; athletic, no way!

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  • Carl

    Let's add horseracing to the list, too.

    • excuse me have you ever been on a horse going 40 miles per hour! its hard! not only are you under something that has its own mind but it could collide with something say another horse going the wrong way on the track and CRASH! Two horses dead and the woman jokey put into a coma! look it up its real

  • Rob

    Soccer and Hockey could easily be on the list…Neither takes much athleticism…

    • Travis

      wow that is the dumbest thing i have ever read there is no possible way you are serious

  • David

    Neither hockey or soccer requires athleticism? Have you ever even watched or played either?

  • Tony

    This is funny… by your definition baseball should be included… I don’t think there’s a collection of more out-of-shape “athletes” in the world than baseball… moreso than your polo video.

    “They involve little to no physical exertion, not that much pressure, and anyone can play them whether they are in shape or could stand to lose a few pounds. The sport may also just be plain stupid.”

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  • Did you just say those teenage cheerleaders were hot?

  • Ray

    Physical exersion is as much about control as it is strength, that’s why curling is a sport. There’s also a difference between the competitive cheerleading and cheerleading at the sidelines of ball games. The former requires a lot of skill, precision, and hard work, don’t belittle everything at once.

  • JakartaDean

    A few friends and I solved this years ago. There are three rules:
    1. If it’s done to music, it’s not a sport.
    2. If the winner is decided by judges, it’s not a sport…
    3. … unless they can beat you up (the boxing exception).

  • taxpayer

    Some of you boobs ought to shell out the money and go to say, Richard Petty driving school. You try to turn left at 150 miles an hour, feel the g-forces on your body and then run your mouths about althleticism. Same thing with hockey. They’d be scraping your faces off the boards before you could say “pass me the pretzels and remote”, which is probably your idea of a good workout.

  • G

    Not sure who does claim that any of these are sports, most of them are games. A sport (a real sport anyway) always has a defense and an offense.

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  • ryan

    most of you are complete idiots.
    first of all racing in any way shape or form is a sport, not only by that definition of what a sport is, but by the nature of it. you strap yourself into a couple thousand pound hunk of metal and you are required to steer this mammoth of a car at hundreds of mph whilest not crashing.
    the hand eye coordination has got to be precise
    the reaction time has to be much better than average
    and you must be able to keep a raceplan (watching your lines around the track/remembering
    which curves you were going to take at which speeds)
    it is a sport. This isnt like driving your little camry to the grocery store. you have got to know how to drive a car that can go from 0-60 to 0 in 8 seconds, just 0 to 60 in 3 to 4 seconds.
    again this isnt your grand dads pickup its a damn race car

    to make my next point soccer and hockey are sports and i dont see how you cannot call them a sport.
    soccer is unique, to you it may look like some people running around a field. but there is soooooooo much more to it than that. the foot to brain coordination has got to be at the utmost level you can achieve. the footwork developed through soccer training is very unique, as to most internationals playing in other major sports have developed their footwork through the sport.
    each and every single goal is unique and special. not only could you win a game with just one goal. you could lose the game by failing to extend your foot another 1/2 inch

    hockey as my next point is not like ice skating at your local ice rink. It is the most brutal game other than international rugby.

    and again the hand eye coordination has got to be 99.99% flawless and again each and every goal is priceless.

  • Trem

    one thing to say the cheerleading video .. you could've took a better one like a REAL team like Topgun the #1 champions and dude seriously if you say that this is not a sport Shut the F*** up men just go to a pratice try 2 or 3 stunts even do a backtuck and tell me how it was .. you'll just be covered in sweat cuz this is hard i agree for some of the sports like curling or segway polo but cheerleading is a sport so try it and tell me if i'm wrong alright

    • Anastasia

      I completely agree with you i am on a cheerleading team the wny tigers and i want these people to try doing a full without killing themselves. So rude

  • the DREAM

    first of all lol @ the cheerleader getting upset… you can get a backtuck anyway! ahahaha

    seriously though you know what's not a sport? blogging. ahaha ok this wasn't my serious point either

    my point is… well i forgot my point. I'm going to smoke some more kush later y'all

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  • russ hays

    Frankly the stupidest idea was to make volleyball an olympic sport. just a bunch of tarts, jumping around in spandex.