11 Bad Ass Scenes With Omar Little of “The Wire”

HBO’s hit show The Wire only aired for 5 full seasons but it will go down in history as one of the greatest shows ever. Despite the excessive amounts of violence and adult related material, the show depicted life in United States inner cities very accurately and in way that no other TV show had before. The show follows everyone from politicians, to cops, drug dealers, to the school system in Inner City Baltimore.

One of the most memorable characters was the show’s version of Robin Hood, Omar Little.  He was the lone gunmen who, instead of choosing to get a regular job like regular folks, he chose to rob drug dealers.  He always managed to come up with creative ways to do it.  Later, he would live off of his earnings from that was well as gave back to the rest of the slum.

The ironic part about Omar’s character was that he was gay so he wasn’t your typical stick up kid, he was an actual homo-thug.  I bet you wouldn’t mess with him though and here are 10 clips that show you why.

***Warning: These videos depict lots of violence so if you have a weak stomach, might wanna skip this one***

Here is how the show introduces him. Hello Omar, nice to meet you.

Lets bang it out

He get ambushed and still manages to get away, how? I don’t know.

Whatever you can’t rob, blow up.

Here’s how you rob the motherload…

He may have been a killer but he only killed when necessary, in this case, he had the wrong guy.

Poor white guy, he doesn’t even look like he belongs there.

“You Come At the King,You Best Not Miss”

Omar doesn’t need a gun to beat someone, watch him make this lawyer look like an asshole.

Is there any negotiating with Omar when you cross him? I guess not.

Omar and Mouzone get sweet revenge on Stringer Bell, I was waiting for that the whole series.

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