12 Awesome Sports Brawls That Got Ugly

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Note – This post was supposed to go up last week but the website went down so I am republishing it now.  Enjoy.

Human beings by nature are blood thirsty. From the Gladiators in Roman Arenas to the MMA fighters of today, people are always drawn to seeing fights and people getting their asses kicked. We love to see anything that involves people potentially getting harmed or maybe even killed by another person.


Who knows, but I happen to be a human being as well and I happen to particularly love sports fights. The great part about sports fights is that they are generally unexpected (expect for in hockey games) so whenever you see it, it adds additional spice to the game. This is especially the case when, the player on the other team who is killing your squad takes a L.

Here are 12 of the wildest sports brawls ever.

Classic all out hockey brawl between the Red Wings and the Av’s in 1997. Those teams weren’t too fond of each other.

Smart move taking out the catcher first, that way he won’t get a chance to sock you from behind if you hesitate while rushing the mound.

Why are half of the guys really going at it and the other half are just watching??

Whoever got hit by that baseball is pretty pissed I bet.

Shout outs to my friends over at In Game Now for putting me up on this one.  Check out their post on the top goalie fights, great stuff.

Why fight with other football players? If you try to punch them, you will only hurt yourself on their facemasks.

Who’s the random looking guy on the sideline that started this whole thing??

Parents fighting at a Pop Warner football game? That’s how you set a good example for the next generation, NOT!

Rugby is a rough sport, lol.

More football players fighting?? Makes no sense to me, still entertaining though.

How could you leave good old Ron Artest off of the list?

Had to include this Chi-City fan fight, that had to hurt.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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