12 Days of Kushmas: Jack Herer Pipes

12 Days of Kushmas” is series of posts that we teamed up with our friends over at 1 Percent to bring together. It will feature accessories that all your favorite stoner family and friends are looking for these holidays, and even beyond. Enjoy the HIGHlidays!

Shouts to the late great hemp activist, Jack Herer, who passed this year. He did a lot of the marijuana movement. So much so that you can see his name everywhere in it. He has a strain named after him, you’ve seen him in documentaries and you’ve even seen him made out of roach papers (my personal favorite tribute). Now here he is in the form of some of the best wooden pipes you will find ANYWHERE.  All it will take is smoking a Jack Herer Pipe one time to realize why having a double barrel pipe is better than a regular one. Here are the specs:

New and Improved Jack Herer Pipe!

With the double-vortex ricocheting effect, smoke leaves the large Jack Herer pipe at a much lower temperature than a regular pipe. Due to the design of the bowl, and the fact that air circulates below the bowl freely, the burning temperature in the bowl is very high, meaning a complete burn. You can see the whitish color of the ash (like on the tip of a cigar) which shows you that the tobacco is burning completely without leaving a blackish residue.

Each large Jack Herer pipe is handcrafted and therefore completely unique (will definitely vary from picture). Generally measures around 5″ long and 2″ high. Jack’s autograph burned into every pipe.

Get your Jack Herer Pipe here

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