12 Days of Kushmas: SpaceCase Scout Grinder

If you don’t have a grinder yet, STOP. Stop doing whatever you are doing and go to 1percent and pickup a SpaceCase Scout Grinder NOW. A good grinder is worth it’s weight in gold. They are so handy. I can’t tell you how much more convenient my life has become since I picked mine up. I can’t imagine living without it. Breaking up weed in your fingers is not only archaic and annoying but it can also have a big effect on the smoking experience. 9 times out of 10 when the blunt/joint goes out or starts canoeing it is not because of the roller but the person who broke it up.  If you break the weed up unevenly then you will get an uneven smoke and no one wants that.  Here are the details on these bad boys:

Space Case Scout Grinder Sifters are cut from solid aircraft aluminum and polished to a high gloss. This pocket sized grinder/sifter is made up of 4 pieces and 3 distinct stages:

Stage 1 is the grinder which easily shreds anything you sink its diamond shaped teeth into! Small holes allow the ground up material to pass to the second stage. A neodymium magnet securely holds it in place when not in use.

Stage 2 is the sifter and storage portion of the Space Case. All the medium size pieces are captured while the finer particles (pollen) make it through the stainless steel sifter screen.

The final stage is the pollen collection chamber. Pollen collects over time and can be then made into very special herbal concoctions using a pollen press.

Use the included Space Case scraper triangle to help remove material caught in the screen or crevices. The approximate external diameter is 1.5 inches with an approximate height of 1 1/4 inches.

Genuine SpaceCase Grinder Sifters are Made in the USA from the finest materials and finished to perfection. As such they cost a little more but that’s OK because they are Guaranteed for Life. Be careful of cheap knock-offs (ebay).

Made In The USA

Buy your Space Case Scout Grinder Here

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Author: Lenny

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