12 Great Moments At The 55th Annual Grammy Awards

I never thought the 55th Grammy’s would be this enjoyable. I knew Justin Timberlake performing and Frank Ocean up for two awards would make it semi interesting. But nothing like what it was. If you were like me and watching it via internet stream because you live on the west coast, then you know my pain. Finding a good stream was a bit tough but well worth it. Awards were handed out, people performed and Taylor Swift danced to Bob Marley. A ton of great things happened last night. Riff Raff was spotted, Justin Timberlake told Jay-Z to get out of his seat, Odd Future’s photos and so much more. Below, in no order, I give you the best parts of the 55th Grammy Awards.


1. Justin Timberlake Officially Brought Sexy Back

Pause. But he really did do this. His performance rocked and now we know music is going to be alright. He even told Jay-Z what to do by telling him to get out of his seat. Nobody has the power to tell Jay-Z what to do besides JT. It is now time to wait for his 20/20 Experience album to release on March 19. You can now pre-order it here and buy his new song “Mirrors” here.

2. J.Lo’s leg

Need I say more? If you watched the Grammy’s, you saw “J.Lo’s Leg”. If you didn’t, you saw “J.Lo’s Leg”.

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3. The Bob Marley Tribute

Sting, Damian Marley, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars all gave a nice tribute to Bob Marley. The Grammy’s got Sting! Sting is really that dude. Some criticized it but I enjoyed it. Sting and Damian are always great to watch perform; and RiRi is just great to see no matter what.

4. Odd Future’s Photo Coverage

The Odd Future crew killed the Grammy’s with photos. We can all thank Tyler, The Creator for this. His instagram, feliciathegoat, was constantly filled with hilarious photos. Even when he wasn’t taking his own photo, he was photo bombing every possible photo. His facial expressions were too funny.

Image Source Source Source

5. Frank Ocean’s Mom

Just take a moment and enjoy these gifs. Seriously, stop reading and cherish them. Frank Ocean’s mom is drop dead gorgeous. Tyler managed to photo bomb Frank Ocean’s extremely beautiful mom too. You have now arguably one of the best looking moms in America and Tyler in the background with the peace sign. We need Odd Future at every event.

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6. Frank Ocean Winning Two Gramm’ys

Once again Odd Future wins again. First, they won when Tyler, The Creator won Best New Artist at the MTV Awards. Now Frank Ocean is polishing two new Grammy’s. One being for the Best Urban Contemporary Album for his Channel Orange. The other with Jay-Z, Kanye West and The Dream for “No Church In The Wild”. They all received it for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. I’m very happy for Frank and mostly for all of OFWGKTA.

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7. Riff Raff Being Spotted

Riff Raff was at the Grammy’s. Some are surprised for some reason. Anything is possible these days kids. I mean, two kids snuck into the Super Bowl. So it isn’t that crazy to see Riff Raff at the Grammy’s. I still stick to that he was given a ticket once the people at the Grammy’s saw this video.

8. Twitter

With every large live event, Twitter just makes it better. It’s like when all potheads say, “Everything really is better with weed.” Twitter is like that for live events. The most obnoxious, funny and disrespectful tweets flying out nonstop. The most tweeted about moment was when Jay-Z made fun of The Dream’s hat.

9. The Dream’s Hat

What the hell was he wearing at the Grammy’s? They even made a dress code for this years Grammy’s. The Dream said screw that and went as character from the Boyz N Da Hood movie.

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10. Kanye West Getting Three Grammy’s And Giving Zero Fucks

I wouldn’t give any fucks if I was in Brazil with Kim K and Will Smith. Plus, he is recording music Will Smith. Zero fucks would be given about the “What Award Show’?

Image Source

11. Jay-Z Drinking Out Of His Grammy

Can only Hov do this? How would it be taken if Adele or Taylor Swift did this? Brooklyn wins again with Hov drinking his D’usse liquor out his Grammy.

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12. Katy Perry’s Boobs

Thank you Ellen.

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