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12 NBA Franchises That Deserve A Championship More Than The Lakers

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First of all, I am going to start off this post by saying congratulations to the Lakers for winning the 2009 NBA championship. Congratulations go out to Kobe Bryant as well because now he finally made the Lakers looks smart for keeping him and letting Shaquille O’neal go to the Heat. I know if I don’t do that, I will have all Lakers fans comments hating on me.

With that being said, this is the Lakers 15th championship win as a NBA franchise. It is is also Kobe Bryant’s fourth ring and I don’t know about you but seeing him win the championship didn’t make me feel like “oh I’m happy to see Kobe come away with the title.” It made me think “Oh god, now I am going to have to hear it from all the cocky Lakers fans.”

So here are 12 teams that I would have rather seen come away with the title this year. Each team made the list for different reasons but I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me.

(Not in any particular order)

Utah Jazz


I don’t care what anyone says, this is one of the most dynamic duos to ever do it. They deserve to have come away with at least one title. The Jazz as a franchise is championshipless as well.

Chicago Bulls


The Bulls almost didn’t make the list because they were such a dominant team in the 90s. If you came up against them, you were almost guaranteed a loss. It would have made a great storyline for ESPN if the team that no one expected to even make the playoffs and gave so many teams so much trouble in it somehow managed to win the title.

Indiana Pacers


The fact Reggie Miller played for the Pacers his entire career as Pacer was enough to say they deserved to win one. Anyone who parties with cute asian hos and can hit three pointers like this is ok in my book.

Phoenix Suns


For years the Suns have been beaten and bloodied but they still haven’t come away with a title.

Dallas Mavericks


The Mavs loss in the 05-06 championship was enough to make you feel for them. Then they came back and lost in the first round the next season. Mavs fans won’t be satisfied until Dirk Nowitzki is as consistent on the court as he is at coming out with drunken photos.


Atlanta Hawks


The Hawks would have been a fun team to watch win the title this year. This troubled franchise just started getting into the playoffs again after a long absence so it would have also been a heart warming story if they came away with the title.

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Author: Lenny

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  • Jordan

    How do the Hawks deserve to win one? Their management is in disarray, they can't draft worth a damn, and they get real cheap when it comes to re-signing not only their good players (Childress) but their stars as well (Smith). And the Knicks? They hired Isiah Thomas…True, you can make a case that they have gotten shafted during the Jordan years, but so did everyone not named the Rockets. Speaking of the Rockets, Hakeem already won the franchise two rings. T-Mac and Yao need to stay healthy to deserve anything. They’re funny because they’re the opposite of Kobe and Shaq. In their relationship, the big guy is the tireless worker while the guard is the lackadaisical slacker. T-Mac does not deserve a ring.

    I can’t vibe with you on this list. Stockton and Malone had their chances, but Stockton, a 90 percent career free throw shooter, couldn’t seal the deal in not one game, but two games, while we all know about the Mailman’s epic failures in the finals. The Suns had one of the best teams in the league for five straight seasons and they got greedy and blew it all up. How is that deserving of a ring?

    Why don’t you make a case for the Grizzlies? The Grizz have finished with under 30 wins 11 out of their 14 years of existence, yet have never had the number one overall pick, and in the three years they’ve had the number two pick, were rejected by Steve Francis in one, and in another, had to pick in one of the weakest drafts in the past 15 years (2000).

    Or why not the Golden State Warriors who have one of the most passionate fanbases in all of the NBA? Or the Kings, who were robbed by the Lakers in the early part of the 21st century thanks to Big Shot Rob Horry, Kobe and Brian Shaw?

    My point is, you can make a case for all 30 teams.

    And because you can, that’s what makes what the Lakers have done that much more special. THE LAKERS “deserved” this win, not anybody else, quite simply put, they went out and won it. They earned it. They worked hard and they prevailed.

    Those who deserve it win it. Plain and simple.

    This was not a good post my man. Not good at all.

  • "Those who deserve it win it. Plain and simple.

    This was not a good post my man. Not good at all. "

    Succinctly put. Well… that part at least.

    I'm with Jordan. The team with the greatest assembly of talent, married with the greatest effort is going to win. Thus, it's deserved.
    Cleveland??? Sure, the city might be overdue… but to say that you can put throwaway pieces around a superstar talent and say that they are deserving of a championship is pure folly.
    If I were a Cavs fan, Danny Ferry would piss me off no end.

  • hollaback

    ummm the kings?? where are they?

  • Leroy Jetson

    Those pics make me want none of those teams to _ever_ win a championship.

  • bulls fo

  • Blazers, dude. Come on. They are golden boys. The franchise hasn't won since the '70s.

  • Mig

    Ha. Go Lakers. -cocky laker fan

  • blupil

    And there are hundreds of basketball player taht deserve to win too but they didn't. The team and people that deserve to win is the one that actually come through when is matter most. So to say these are the team that deserve to win MORE THAN Lakers? You mean the team that deserve to win as much as Lakers. Kobe might not be perfect in person but he evolve and it hurts me when people don't give him credit for that. More importantly, we talking about basketball here not personality. Amen.

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  • karen

    Uh i love the fact that you cant say anything about bad about the lakers or kobe. Uh this feels good.

  • Matinee

    Loser franchises lose, winners win.

  • chris

    dude this post is awful…sorryass

  • chris


  • Anthony

    Kobe works harder than anyone else in the league so he 'deserves' it more than anyone else!


    Haha.. you think because a title cant win it deserves it more than a team that takes it from others… all your saying here is teams that didnt have a title should get one.. maybe the clippers deserve it most .. according to you.. look at them, with all that they have gone through they "DESERVE IT"more than anyone elses.. INCOMPETENT does not mean they DESERVE IT DUUUMB As$ ..

  • matt

    Typical LAME, typical hater post. Like the first poster said, the team that wins it deserves it, PERIOD.

  • Ok so I'm gonna be honest, if you are a Lakers fan and a hater of me for being a Lakers fan, your opinion doesn't matter to me. Just thought you guys should know.

    Congrats to the Lakers on winning. Not congrats to the cocky fans… ugh….

  • Ok so I'm gonna be honest, if you are a Lakers fan and a hater of me for being a Lakers fan, your opinion doesn't matter to me and I probably didn't read your comment. Thanks for sharing though.

    Just thought you guys should know.

    Congrats to the Lakers on winning. Not congrats to the cocky fans… ugh….

  • matt

    Congratulating a team, then claiming that 12 teams "deserve" the championship more is a pretty empty gesture. There is nothing wrong with disliking the Lakers or their fans. Hell you could have listed 12 teams that you would have preferred to see win, but to suggest that anyone else "deserved" it more was weak sauce. The team that wins it DESERVES IT.

  • matt

    Congratulations on that academy award Mr. Ledger, but 1000 actors deserve the award more than you.


    • LoL!!!! Thanks for the comments Matt….

  • Jrock

    Those teams deserve to win rather than the selfish lakers and their arrogant fans. I hope one team will destroy the lakers so bad that it would haunt them for the of their lives and making to be the worst team in the nba. I hope 2011 will be that year.