Album: Demrick – Collect Call (Stream & Video)

LA based rapper Demrick is really making a name for himself here in SoCal with being a huge stoner, great artist and making all types of connections in the cannabis and music scene here. Last Friday he dropped his latest project Collect Call. If you don’t believe me, check out the video he made to preview it above.

I’m really fuckin with this new Demrick album. I met Demrick a while back at a smoking event, sometime, somewhere but I was reintroduced to him when his team put me up on this dudes dope new album. You need to roll one up and check this out right now!!!!

Here is more info on the Demrick and the album and don’t just take my word for it. Stream it yourself below:

After years of learning the rap game from the likes of Xzibit and B Real, Demrick steps into the spotlight with the Collect Call LP, in stores today via 10 Stripe Records. A fixture in the California Hip-Hop scene, the emcee formerly known as Young De raps about enjoying Southern California’s women, weed and weather, to deeper explorations of his past life in Philadelphia and Spokane, Washington. The album features guest appearances from Casey Veggies and Lil Debbie and production from Cali Cleve and multiple productions by West Coast mainstay Scoop DeVille (Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe” & “Poetic Justice,” Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock.”) “I really represent the theory that anything is possible,” Demrick explains. “This is my best and most honest work to date.”

Demrick explains the concept and the origins of the project: “I decided to name the project Collect Call because of the significance of the one particular call I had with my mom that changed my life forever. I had been doing a lot of bad things growing up due to the wrong influence of those in my neighborhood, and even some in my family. The theme of the album starts at the intro with me calling to the listener of the project. Upon them accepting the call, the album begins and I start venting through my records all the way to the last song on the project. Each skit on the album represents a specific person, experience, or time in my life that had some type of significant role in my life either for better or for worse. A ‘Collect Call’ usually comes when someone on the other line really needs or needed you, which makes that person vulnerable in a realistic sense. This project is my most vulnerable work to date, so the title of the album seemed very fitting.”

Buy on iTunes or Stream Below:

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