14 Children’s Show Characters That Were Probably Potheads

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14 Children’s Show Characters That Were Probably Potheads


So one day I was babysitting my niece and nephew and watching cartoons with them. As we were watching whatever cartoon we were watching (I have a bad memory) I started thinking about kids show characters who were stoners. Most of the characters I came up with are not confirmed stoners but some definitely are.

Just like in real society, I am sure there are probably many more kids show characters who were potheads then we will ever know because they don’t admit it. Oh well, here are 14 who I am pretty sure weed heads.

Cookie Monster

He liked cookies a little TOO much….


Puff The Magic Dragon

The people who made this song denied that it was made for marijuana but I’m not buying it. I drag-on the magic puff too!

Mr. Snuffleupagus

His eyes were low, he talked slow, and I bet he could hold hella smoke in that trunk of his.



I never watched Spongebob but a simple google search turned up numerous pieces of evidence.




HR Puffnstuff

Whoever made this was puffing and stuffing something I’m sure


I’ve never seen anyone go crazy of spinach like that, unless Popeye was eating “special spinach.” Just kidding… but seriously though.


The Count

He stayed up all night and slept all day, definite stoner.



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