14 Year Old Boy Arrested for Drug Buy: Operation “Boycott Bali” Gains Support Via Facebook

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In what is being called, “Boycott Bali”, the social media community is rallying around efforts to get Bali to release a 14 year old Australian boy who has been arrested for cannabis possession during a buy gone bad while on vacation with his family.

His family is quite concerned for his safety and many people are calling the actions of the Bali government excessive. The minor is now being held in prison with hard criminals for what is calculated to be $28 worth of weed. There are those who are condemning the young man for his stupidity; but there are those who also wonder how the infamous Indonesian public service announcements regarding their stance on drugs went unnoticed by the teen.

But I do wonder what was going through his mind and, particularly, the mind of his parents in allowing him to behave in such an extraordinarily foolish manner in a country where, on arrival, you are greeted with massive yellow billboards alerting you to the fact that the death penalty applies for drug offences, and featuring photos of people who have been executed for their crimes, just to hammer the point home.

I’m all for taking a few risks here and there but in no way, shape or form am I getting high in certain places. Things are bad enough in this ‘liberal’ country with a drug bust, I’ll pass on the chain gang in the mountains of China, thanks. But at 14, isn’t he too young to have been schooled by watching them chicks in Brokedown Palace?

That movie hipped me to NEVER try no slick sh*t when it comes to South East Asia. Let’s hope our little Greenie gets his freedom and learns a lesson from this debockle.

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Author: TRJ

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