15 Of The Worst Celebrity Songs Of All Time


Why is it that actors and athletes always want to be singers and musicians, and vice versa. It seems like there is always a new celebrity dropping a new album that makes you shake your head and think "why the fuck would they ever do that?" Some people have managed to drop albums and still continue doing whatever else they were doing but many haven't. Who needs a rival rapper to end your career when you can drop your own album and do it yourself?

Here are 15 of the worst celebrity attempts at music ever. I'm warning you though, some of these videos have the potential to literally make your ears bleed. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Oscar De La Hoya - Run To Me

This might be one of the gayest videos I've ever seen. This makes me think those pictures that came out about him may have been real.

Bruce Willis - Respect Yourself

Wow. Where do I start, from the wardrobe to the setting, this one is horrible.

Tyra Banks - Shake Ya Body

The video and the song actually isn't much different than anything else that drops these days but from Tyra though?

Kobe Bryant feat Tyra Banks

Speaking of Tyra, here she is in with a track with none other than #24 of the Lakers. Hilarity ensues.

Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time

Eddie Murphy and Rick James? I wonder how many drugs were done here.

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