18 Year Old Man Killed By NYPD Over Marijuana

Last Thursday, an 18 year old man was shot in the chest by New York City police in the Bronx for marijuana. He was pursued because he had a joint. He fled police, making it to his Grandmothers house.  Police forcefully entered and fired shots without even announcing who they were.  Now I don’t know what the normal procedure for police is when someone flees them but I know that in order to force entry into a home, you need a warrant which this officers did NOT have.

Police kicked in the door of 58-year-old Patricia Hartley (Graham’s grandmother) and rushed in looking for Graham with guns drawn. Before Hartley even knew what was happening she heard Haste yell “Gun” right before witnessing her grandson taking a shot to the chest. But police didn’t find a gun at all, only a small amount of marijuana that Graham was attempting to flush down the toilet.

Shocked and in instant moaning, Patricia Hartley was taken in by police for questioning as her grandson fought for his life. Graham then died in the hospital as his grandmother was being questioned.

The family wants answers.  I want answers.  This is the most disgusting thing I have seen all day and it hurts me that I even have to write about this nonsense.

These types of unlawful arrests and handling of the drug law was is nothing new in New York. Despite marijuana possession being decriminalized, police regularly do illegal searches to get drug arrest. New York city police were supposed to be cutting back on marijuana possession charges as a result of an order placed by the police commissioner to actually follow the laws on marijuana but as you can see, not everyone got the memo.  In fact, marijuana arrests actually went UP in 2011.

My heart goes out to the victims family for this tragedy and I sincerely hope the police who are responsible are held accountable.

The New York Police Department is investigating the death, and have stripped Officer Richard Haste, who fired the fatal bullet, of his gun and placed him on “restrictive duty” pending the investigation. His supervisor, Sargent Scott Morris, who was in a stairwell between the first and second floors of the home when the fatal shot was fired, has also been placed on restrictive duty.

A grand jury is expected to investigate the shooting to determine if the officers should face criminal charges.

What do you greenies think about this? What can we do to fight this madness?


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Author: Lenny

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