20 Action Figures That Can Smoke You Under The Table


Toys are awesome.  I remember being a kid and just wanting to play with toys all day.  Going to Toys R Us was like an epic journey that you wanted to go on time and time again.  I swore I would never grow up and I’d be a toys r us kid forever but as an adult I discovered the great things that weed has to offer so I guess no longer being a kid isn’t all bad.

These toys, or at least the people that own them, discovered that as well.  With them you get the best of both worlds.  The carefree time of being a kid playing with your action figures and the stressfree times of being stoned.  It doesn’t get much better.

Here are 20 action figures that look like they are pros in the weed game.  Respect it.

Teamwork is essential


Anime never looked so good.


Star Wars characters?  I like!


I think we need a little more weed.


In the trenches.


Not actual weed but too funny to pass up.


I always wondered what happened to the blue M & M’s


Towelie is the man…. oops… I mean the towel


The M & M’s know how to get it in


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