20 MLB Players I Want On My Side In A Bench Clearing Brawl

canseco_fakeregret_545x442shkl We have all seen all kinds of brawls in all kinds of different sports but there is nothing quite like the bench clearing brawls in baseball. It is usually set off by bad blood, a bad pitch, or just because they were bored but whatever reason it is, anytime players get into a fight in baseball the whole team rides behind the player. You almost never see a baseball fight where both of the teams don’t go all out.

Considering that you may end up going into battle with your team, you should obviously want guys who will be able to scrap a little. GMs take notes, if you are putting a team together you definitely want to have at least one or two guys like the past/present baseball players on this list. Enjoy.

Frank Thomas:  Don’t let the smile fool you, they don’t call this guy the big hurt for nothing.


Albert Belle: Looks like a charming fellow.

Albert Belle

Kevin Youkalis: He could probably stash a blade in the beard.


Coco Crisp: With evasive skills like that, how could you not want him on you side?

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John Rocker: Anyone crazy enough to say enough to say what he said about New York citizens, HAS to be able to defend themselves.


Randy Johnson: At 6’10”, he’s probably got the reach advantage.


Barry Bonds/Roger Clemens: Besides the obvious reasons, if these guys just went around head butting people they’d win pretty easily.


Jose Offerman: Anyone who fights dirty definitely needs to be on my side.

Tom Glavine: He used to play hockey, he even got drafted into the NHL before choose baseball. That’s gotta count for something.


Nolan Ryan: Just Robin Ventura what he thinks.

Milton Bradley: He is just plain crazy.


George Brett: He had a bad temper.


Babe Ruth: Never saw him fight (obviously) but he looked like he could hold his own.


Ichiro Suzuki/Akinori Iwamura/Kosuke Fukodome/Daisuke Matsuzaka: I am counting all of these guys as one since at least one of these guys has to know some karate.


Jose Canseco: Steroids have done wonders for Jose’s career. First, he still managed to get mentioned in the media even though he should have been forgetten about years ago and now he gets mentioned on this blog. That’s the highlight of his career.


Mo Vaughn: That’s a big fella.


CC Sabathia: Another big fella.


Pedro Martinez: Only if we are fighting old guys.

Ugueth Urbina
: He’s probably got a machete hidden somewhere under his uniform.


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