2010 Winter Olympic Mascots Get High

By $@bs

The Olympic Winter Games 2010 are scheduled to take place in Vancouver beginning February 12th, and even us potheads are psyched to celebrate a tradition that’s over 2000 years old. According to early records, the first Olympic games took place back in 776 BC. So how do you celebrate when your favorite sport is smoking pot? You create a digital short, of course!

Gary Wintle, artist for the marijuana magazine, Cannabis Culture, created three animated shorts as the ultimate stoner salute to the upcoming games. One of the shorts features an animated version of the 2010 Olympics games logo, puffing the Olympic torch, a giant joint, in support of the games. Other characters, such as the host city’s Olympic mascotMiga the Sea Bear, also make cameos. Pretty cool shite!

To see all three of the animated shorts, click here.
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Author: Sabs

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