2016 Election: Is Hillary “Barely Better Than Trump?”

With the presumptive nominees now known the questions can shift to differences between them — if there are any:

Despite widespread optimism for a better national outlook on drugs, justified by a number of developments in recent years, we face a glum reality as we enter general election season: Our only alternative to the nightmare of Donald Trump’s drug policy is depressingly mediocre. So, drug policy reformers, here’s the bad news—no matter who gets elected (not counting Gary Johnson), we’re headed backwards the next four-to-eight years!

For Hillary Clinton is a cynical exploiter of drug scares at worst, hopelessly out of touch with reality at best.
. . .
. . . when it comes to drugs, Hillary is almost as obtuse as her Republican opponent, Donald Trump. Of course, those of us to whom better drug policies are important will choose the lesser of two evils. In 2015, for example, a mere 19 years after California legalized medical marijuana, Hillary moved just a smidgeon, saying that we should reclassify marijuana into a less dangerous category. Hallelujah!

But our aversion to Trumpageddon shouldn’t prevent us from calling mediocrity and inadequacy what it is. In addition to being decades behind the times on needle exchange, Hillary still opposes the legalization of adult-use marijuana—unlike a clear majority of Americans.
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Actually, our really big secret in America is the many more tens of millions of people who have used drugs without harm—and may actually have enjoyed them—some of whom go on to become President.

Too bad they can’t tell the truth, so that everyone will learn how most people manage their use of drugs, as I described in The Influence. Not only are they forbidden from uttering the words, “I have used (or use) drugs,” but those closest to them, powerful people who espouse the most conservative drug policies, cannot acknowledge this truth. Witness outgoing Vice President Joe Biden and son Hunter, who was a cocaine user (and may, for all we know, still be).

Hillary Clinton, in this regard, is a relic of an era we should already have left behind. What a shame she’s actually our better option for November.

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