2016 Election: The Donald on Re-Legalization

Will re-legalization take ten years or fifty?  That question will be answered by the next President.  While no one at HMJ thinks re-legalization will get a Green Knight, a strong, active advocate out of the current crop of candidates, some of them are not unalterably opposed to the future we want.  So, one-by-one, we are taking a look at what the candidates say on the topic.  It is “The Donald’s” turn.  HMJ encourages taking turns as appropriate in the situation.

Did you catch WHEN THE TIDE TURNED. I posted that 12/14/2014. The Trump-aside came later. Will my imaginings prove true? Here’s a taste.

When historians chronicled the end of the war on drugs they asked whether it was possible to identify the moment the scales tipped and a more rational drug policy emerged. My thought was always that it happened July 4, 2016. That was the “Day of Intention” when cannabis users stood up — publicly — and said, “Look how many of us there really are!” That was the day the cannabis culture set its’ intention to accept nothing less than legalization.

And I do not step away from the position I took on DONALD TRUMP not long ago [12/13/15]. We are, today, looking only at the cannabis question. This round the field of Republican candidates made up an Addams Family, but scary.

In the next weeks the final candidates, whether that is 2 or 3 people, will become known.  Whomever it is must get pushed on the re-legalization question.  Do you want to wait ten years or fifty for real re-legalization?

I have waited a long time = forever for the day that is coming.  I tire of waiting.  And I am not a criminal.

[image:  Google images “Donald Trump”]

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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