25 Of The Best Marijuana Related Stories Of 2009

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2009 will go in the history books as a major year in the history to marijuana. So much progress was made yet there were lots of funny and interesting stories that came out this year. Here are 25 of the biggest, best and most important stories related to weed that came out this year.

Michael Phelps Caught With A Bong

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News of the world broke the news of Olympic champion Michael Phelps being caught smoking weed in a better than average bong. Some people were disappointed, I never felt so patriotic though.

10 Obstacles in Marijuana Law Reform

Though we made A LOT of progress in 2009 in the fight for legalization, there are still several obstacles standing in the way of the fight. High Times explores the obstacles in this article.

First-Ever Nationwide Pro-Marijuana TV Ad Campaign Launched

NORML had us covered when the first marijuana ad dropped this year. Great ad!

Swiss Police Spy Marijuana Field With Google Earth

You know that technology is getting to be too big and major when the police can use the google earth service to track down and arrest people for growing marijuana. This is the world we live in though. ABC had the story.

Why is marijuana illegal in the first place?

Drug War Rant takes a good, long, well researched look at why marijuana prohibition was made illegal. Very good info here.

Why marijuana legalization makes sense

We all know marijuana legalization is the smart way to go but when Time looks at it and admits it as well, you know it’s going to be a big story.

The Marijuana bust that could pay for itself

Via digg.

Boomers see views relaxing on marijuana

The Washington Post took the time to look at what marijuana legalization looked like from the view of old timers (aka baby boomers). The generation that is responsible for marijuana prohibition.

Why I give my 9 year old pot

If medical marijuana can be used for children and can be at least as effective (if not more) than prescription drugs then should the kids be allowed to use it?  This mom thinks so.

Stiletto Stoners

When you think of stoners you may naturally think of the 21 year old young man who hasn’t left his moms couch in days except to use the bathroom and to get munchies.  You would be wrong though.  More and more middle aged American women are using it to relax in these stressful times.  Shouldn’t you be?  Marie Claire looks at some of these these “stiletto stoners.”

The Digg frontpage after marijuana legalization

Via Sharenator. My fellow weed head diggers will appreciate this one.

American Medical Association Calls For Scientific Review Of Marijuana’s Prohibitive Status

It’s about time medical organizations started taking marijuana seriously. For the sake of the people and not for the sake of all the money they will lose from people not using prescription pills with worse side effects than cures. The American Medical Association put the pressure on the government to prove that prohibition was a wise choice from the scientific perspective.

Barack Obama’s half brother gets arrested on marijuana charges

Not long after being elected, President Obama’s brother was arrested on marijuana possession charges. The charges were later dropped. It must be nice to have half brothers in high places.

Barack Obama speaks out against legalization

Speaking of Obama, he lost my faith (as well as many other stoner voters) when he announced that he did not support legalization or decriminilization of marijuana.  He used the opportunity to clown “the online audience” for being big supporters of marijuana legalization even though that same online audience got him elected after he hit the internets ultra hard during his campaign.  Thanks a lot Mr. President.

Lifetime Marijuana Use Associated With Reduced Cancer Risk

Studies showed marijuana use significantly hurts cancer cells. What else can this miracle drug do?

Study confirms that cannabis is beneficial for multiple sclerosis

To answer the question in the last portion, how about treat MS?  Physorg had the scoop on this one.

Polls show public support for marijuana legalization is at an all time high

A majority of likely voters now support legalizing marijuana, according to a national poll held in December by Angus Reid. The Angus Reid Public Opinion poll results echo those of separate national polls conducted this year by Gallup, Zogby, ABC News, CBS News, Rasmussen Reports, and the California Field Poll­ each of which reported greater public support for marijuana legalization than ever before.

Oakland becomes the first US City To Tax Marijuana

When other parts of the country see how much money Oakland is going to make from taxing it, they will start doing it too.

A Brief History Of Weed

In a great plan to promote the start of a new season of Weeds showtime put together two videos that clearly showed the history of marijuana in the world.  Great stuff.

Part 1

Part 2

The UN backs drug decriminalization

The United Nations proved that they knew what was up when they backed marijuana legalization this year. So it’s not just America that seems to finally be coming to their senses.

Small Ski town legalizes marijuana

If you want to smoke pot and not be arrested at all whether you have medical clearance or not, go to what will undoubtedly become America’s #1 tourist ski spot, Breckenridge, CO.  They completely legalized it this year.  RIGHT ON!

Portland opens America’s first medical marijuana cafe

You now have a reason to visit Portland.  For a small fee you can smoke all the medical marijuana as you want in America’s first marijuana cafe, if you are a MMJ patient that is.  Rueters was on top of the story this year along with everyone else.

Denver Opens America’s first marijuana gourmet restaurant

Whether you want to get weed laced lasagna, gourmet pizza, jambalaya, paella, chocolate mousse, flavored cheesecakes or whatever you will be able to get them all in Denver’s gourmet restaurant. This is the first of it’s kind in America.

Initiative to Legalize Marijuana Headed for California’s Ballot in 2010

California was the first state to allow medical marijuana back in 1996 and they will be the first to vote on complete legalization in 2010 after enough signatures were collected in 2009. Lets hope it passes.

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