A Better Way to Enjoy Your Cannabis

If you haven’t started using a vaporizer yet, you might want to rethink the way you enjoy your cannabis. Not that I don’t love the occasional smoking, but vaping is just so…clean. And smooth. And delicious. Which is what smoking cannabis should be, right?

Once I started vaping three years ago I was hooked. With all the benefits of vaping, there was no way I was going to continue smoking how I had for years. Following are a few of the many reasons I love to vape.

3 Benefits of Vaporizing Cannabis

  1. It’s So Much Better for Your Health

Even though cannabis has been shown to be beneficial to your health, burning your herb isn’t really the healthiest of options. Smoking marijuana has been shown to be harsh on your lungs. If you’re going to inhale, vaporizing marijuana is the best option for your lungs. Vaping also allows less carbon monoxide, tar, and other carcinogens to make it to your bloodstream, which is actually why they were developed in the first place.

  1. Vaping Enhances the Flavor of Your Bud

There’s a lot of super dank delicious cannabis out there, and vaping really brings out the flavor. You taste so much more when you vape, which I believe not only enhances the flavor of your bud but your whole experience.

  1. It’s Super Discreet

I don’t know about you, but I like to smoke outside the comfort of my own home. Vaping allows you to take your cannabis to go…wherever you go. It cuts down on the smell and allows anyone, anywhere to get stoned without anyone knowing at all.

I’ve tried a quite a few different vaporizers and they’re definitely all unique in their own way. The following three however, are some of my favorites. And should you be so interested to check out the wonderful world of vaping, they’re all awesome in their own unique way.

Boost eRig

If you’re into dabbing like many of us modern stoners are, the Boost eRig by Dr. Dabber is definitely a vaporizer you want to check out. The water filtration system makes it so smooth that I’ve never even coughed with it. This portable vaporizer is better than most and makes doing dabs feel smooth as silk.


The Crafty

Brought to you by Storz & Bickel, the same company that made the all-mighty Volcano, the Crafty vaporizer is definitely one of the best portable vaporizers I’ve tried. While yes, it’s a bit more expensive than most on the market, it’s worth shelling out the extra money. And for all you tech junkies out there, it’s got phone app integration that allows you to control the temperature through certain Androids. Hello genius.


Mighty Vaporizer

Full flavor and fast acting is how I think of the Mighty Vaporizer. What it lacks in discretion (it’s way too big to fit in your pocket), it makes up for in quality. Smooth and satisfying, the Mighty Vaporizer is my pick for a home vape that does the job right.


About author:

Jen is a Colorado based writer with a passion for the written word. She’s a mountain living, ocean loving yoga practicing lover of all things green. She writes for different publications, spreading awareness about how to raise your vibration and live your best possible life.

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Author: HMJ Staff


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