3 Quick MMJ Updates

Let’s catch up with some of what is happening in the world of medical marijuana.  First,


Researchers reported that extracts derived from a CBD-dominant strain of cannabis provided a wider therapeutic window than did the administration of a purified form of CBD provided by a German pharmaceutical company. Authors concluded that the administration of plant-derived extracts is “superior” to the use of synthetic CBD in the treatment of certain inflammatory diseases.

The complete story is HERE. Next, broken bones:

Investigators at the Hebrew University Bone Laboratory assessed the ability of CBD administration to promote healing in rats with mid-femoral fractures. Researchers reported, “CBD markedly enhanced the biomechanical properties of the healing femora after 8 weeks.”

Authors also evaluated the administration of THC and CBD together, but reported that this combined preparation was “not advantageous” over CBD alone.

They concluded: “CBD alone is sufficiently effective in enhancing fracture healing. … Multiple experimental and clinical trials have portrayed CBD as a safe agent suggesting further studies in humans to assess its usefulness for improving fracture healing.”

Original post is HERE. Finally, cannabis and Parkinson’s Disease:

Patients with Parkinson’s self-report cannabis to be a highly efficacious alternative medicine in the treatment of the disease, according to survey data published online ahead of print in the journal Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

Investigators reported that cannabis use remains comparatively uncommon among patients with Parkinson’s disease. However, those respondents who acknowledged using the plant rated it as one of the “most effective” alternative treatment therapies available.

“Cannabis was rarely used in our population but users reported high efficacy, mainly for non-motor symptoms,” authors concluded.

Find that original report HERE.

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