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35+ Bad Ass Men’s Interest Sites Who Are Active On Twitter


If you haven’t heard of twitter by now, you must be living under a rock. Not everyone is on it, (yet) but it is growing at a rapid rate and is showing no signs of slowing down. Twitter is used for many different reasons but the general consensus is that interaction with you favorite artists, bloggers, and actors is the best thing about it.

If you are one of the many people of have just signed up for twitter and you still haven’t quite figured out what the point of it is, this post is for you. You can’t go wrong with this list of awesome Men’s interest sites that actually interact with their twitter followers.

A few months ago a wrote a post with 101 Sports Blogs and Bloggers on Twitter (might be outdated now) and one of the main complaints was that people don’t want to follow someone on twitter who just throws up a twitterfeed and never replies to anyone. There is none of that on this list. This list only includes awesome mens issues/interests sites with twitter accounts that will actually answer you if you talk to them (as long as you don’t say anything stupid).

This list in no particular order, except for the first few which are pretty much all twitter MUST follows. Enjoy.


Hail Mary JaneTwitter

Ok so I am a shameless self promoter but I am actually worth following on twitter and I am not just saying that. If you aren’t following Hail Mary Jane, I don’t even know why you are on twitter.

Don’t forget to follow Hail Mary Jane Contributors as well.

Sabs / L D Green / Shithaha



I love these guys and they’ve taught me a lot about blogging.  They have a superior site as well.  I vouch for it.



They have about 4 of my top 10 favorite blogs under their wing. They are blogging bosses, respect.


AsylumUSA / United Kingdom / India


Maxim MagazineTwitter


The Bachelor GuyTwitter



Hot ClicksTwitter

Gorilla MaskTwitter


Blog of HilarityTwitter




On 205thTwitter

(all these other sites kick ass too but I didn’t feel like getting banners for all of them)

In Game NowTwitter

Yep YepTwitter

The Hoop DoctorsTwitter



Chris IlluminatiTwitter

Film DrunkTwitter

Don ChavezTwitter

Regretful MorningTwitter

You StripTwitter

With LeatherTwitter

Steady BurnTwitter


Hugging Harold ReynoldsTwitter

Pittsburgh Sports and Mini PoniesTwitter

NESW SportsTwitter

Tasty BoozeMitch Martin / Baba Ganoush / Jdiggles

Steeler GurlTwitter

Braves Baseball BlogTwitter

Two Beer QueersTwitter

Drunken StepfatherTwitter

Black Sports OnlineTwitter

Guy FixTwitter

If I forgot you, which I am sure there are many I forgot, please hit me up on twitter or in the comments and I will add your site if I deem it worthy. This is probably going to be an ongoing updated post.

Last Updated (6/5)

Here are some more absolutely great sites that I forgot about before.  Make sure to follow them too.  I will continually update it if I get the comments.  Leave your comments with your site suggestions in the comments.


Sharapova’s ThighTwitter




COED MagazineTwitter



Wii HottiesTwitter


Crave OnlineTwitter


Por HommeTwitter

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • LOL.

    i haven’t heard of many of these sites. i’m about to check them out. i was once on gorilla mask and my hits that day were through the roof. that was just once. they never showed me love again. those goat bastards.

    and pat on the back for that shameless plug. very smart idea. now you have like 200 new followers in a couple hours. i need to get my hits up to your level dude. ASAP.

  • Thanks for the plug

  • Tim

    Where is the love for http://www.FanDome.com? We tweet out the hottest sports videos on Twitter. Don’t believe us? Check us out http://twitter.com/FanDome

  • I'll suggest PacMan Jonesin'. Dan does a great job over there. I'm a daily reader, and not just because it's one of our own. He's also extremely active on Twitter as acforever. Link: http://pacmanjonesin.com

    • whats your twitter profile?

  • I’d suggest Asylum UK (twitter.com/asylumuk). We’re like Asylum, but with top hats, monocles and snooty British accents.

  • I’d suggest… Por Homme (http://www.twitter.com/porhomme) Definitely check it out, people! We’re not too bad 🙂

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  • Thanks for adding us to the list…really appreciate it.

  • Don’t see CraveOnline here, what is the meaning of this nonsense man!

  • This list is awesome except for that Illuminati prick

  • scottc42

    Thanks bro, I’ve been looking for a list like this for a long time. I’m tired of the Infomercial tweets about making cash fast. Love these sites!

  • thanks for the all the feedback everyone. I've added lots of people and will be updating it periodically. Anyone who I missed should leave their site and twitter profile so I can link up to it.

    I will also be adding this to my sidebar so it can be an easily accessed resource to anyone who needs to stay up on twitter folk..

  • Daisy – you are very professional and posed very well for your photo shoot, but Harley has the right idea

  • tancon77

    Follow my slutty ass on twitter @tancon77

  • Reggie

    You never mentioned “The Bath House” on facebook.