4 Reasons to Move from Pennsylvania to Colorado

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Given the fact that, in the coming weeks, I will be making the big move from Pennsylvania to Colorado, I thought it might be interesting to list four big reasons why someone would want to leave the lush, green hills of Pennsylvania behind.

Sure, there are many reasons, outside of what I’m about to list, why someone might want to make such a move…

  • New outdoor adventures
  • Real snowboarding opportunities
  • 300 days of sunshine a year

…but there are 4 major reasons why living in Pennsylvania might not be as appealing as living in Colorado, at least at this point.
Hint: It could cost you your freedom!


If you’re caught with a small bag of weed in Pennsylvania, you could be looking at a month in jail and $500 swiped from your bank account.

But if you’re caught with the same bag of weed in Colorado, the cop might take it from you, smell it, ask you what strain it is, and, upon handing it back to you, inform you that you could legally tote around a bigger bag (up to one ounce).


Plan on hooking your friends up with some marijuana in Pennsylvania?  Well, even if you give them a small bag for free, you’re looking at another month of your freedom snatched away, and another $500 fine.

But if you got caught hooking a friend up with as much as an ounce of herb in Colorado, as long as you received no payment for it, a cop can’t even slap you on the wrist.  But he might give you a midair high-five for hooking your friend up with such a fat sack for free.  (OK, so the last part will probably never happen, but you get the point.)


But let’s say you’re a brave soul who wants to take a stab at growing 10 plants in Pennsylvania… Does a year in jail and a $5,000 fine sound appealing?  Well, then you might want to skip those plans!

A better plan might be to take up residency in Colorado and downsize your garden to 6 plants, so that you’re well within the law, and won’t be facing any charges.

Colorado was always in my sights, for future places to live, but this trip to Denver last April really sealed the deal for me…

Everyone was really nice, there was so much to do and there was no need to stress about hiding how high you really were.  I mean, the most you might come across is a headshake of disapproval, as they pass through your cloud of happiness.

Yeah, Colorado seems like the place for me but, as you’ll see at the end of that video, this is only a temporary “win” for Colorado, because Pennsylvania is hot on their heels with Senate Bill 528.  This bill, which was introduced last April, almost mirrors Colorado’s Amendment 64.  So, if you’re standing your ground and sticking it out in PA, until the laws are changed, then you are a better man than I, and I’ve provided you with link below to a PDF you can read and pass around, which includes the full text of SB 528 and other helpful facts.


But here is the last reason why I feel that Colorado is better than Pennsylvania…


You see, in Pennsylvania, we can’t petition to have issues put on the ballot, to be voted upon, like you can and did in Colorado.  That power isn’t given to the people; it’s given to the elected officials, and it’s their job to pass these laws.

So, when you read that PDF above, you may want to pass it on to people you know who are in contact Pennsylvania state legislators, in hopes of getting more Senators on board.  Currently, there are 3 senators who support SB 528 (Daylin Leach, Lawrence M. Farnese Jr., and Jim Ferlo), but it’s going to take a lot more than that to make it a reality.

It might be quite a while before PA is on par with Colorado, in terms of marijuana laws, but it will always be where I’m from.

And if you’d rather support a more gradual legalization process, then perhaps you should vote for John Hanger in the coming elections for the Governor of Pennsylvania.  Why?  Because he plans to implement a step-by-step legalization process for marijuana, if elected.

Not from Pennsylvania or Colorado?
Then click here to stay up to speed on your state’s current marijuana laws.




Dood, I moved from PA to Denver back in March and it was not what I expected it to be. People in CO seem nice on the surface, but I had problems with meeting a lot of fake and back stabbing people. If you were there for 4/20, so were thousands of other people from all over the world, and probably most people you met that seemed nice and chill werent even from the area, but just visitng for the cannabis cup.

Landlords are dicks about cultivation, and utilities bills are through the roof. Water is super expensive and if your crop doesn’t perform at 100% you can potentially lose thousands.

I miss being able to walk into a dispensary and buy weed like it was any other commodity, but I am happier to be back in PA around my family and friends. If I had to do it again, I would go to Manatiou Springs, near CO Springs, not Denver, or I would skip over CO completely and try Cali.


I realize that I was around a lot of people who weren’t from Colorado at the event, but I met a lot of cool locals at the event, at both the Cypress Hill and Talib Kweli concert, and our limo driver was awesome. Regardless of that fact, the event and marijuana laws aren’t the only reasons I’m moving there. Plus, I’m not planning on doing any cultivation while I’m renting and will be happy to start out living in a studio apartment, which includes the utilities in the rent – I’ve found quite a few that do. I’m not moving to Denver either; I’ll actually be in the Colorado Springs area, as you recommend. Trust me; there are fake people everywhere.

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