4/20 4:20 Challenge

Ahhh April 20th is upon us once again.  That means a lot of wake and bake action for the little kiddies in high school, and maybe something more creative for those kids still in the lovely college confines.  Maybe you’ll bake some brownies, or try out that new ROAR bong.  Maybe you’ll try to roll the fattest joint EVA!  Maybe you’ll just follow Meth’s advice, and “roll dat shit, light dat shit, smoke it.”  Here’s what me and my buddies did back when I was Junior in high school.  See if you can duplicate the feat

My friends and I decided we should try and pack a one-hit bong rip for all of us within the 60 second span of 4:20 ante merdiem and post merdiem (AM and PM respectively).  If you’re not familiar with the one-hit bong philosophy, it’s an integral way to get high for those cash-strapped teenagers still under the monetary graces of their parents.  Here’s what you do.

Make sure you break your your nugget up nicely.  You don’t want a huge nugget in the bong to either clog it or waste it.  So, in our instance, we broke five little groups of nugget up, as there were five of us participating.*  You need to make sure it’s just enough for single bong hit in each pile.  This is how you actually save money, but still get everyone high.

The night/morning of April 2oth, 2000 (yea, I’m old), we partied until 4:20 in the morning.  We had a stop watch, and the five individual piles lined up.  Once, my friends clock hit 4:20, we were off.  The first two hits and packs went flawlessly, but by the third hit, we started to get sloppy, and by the time the final hit was to commence there was a scant 5 seconds left.  We threw the tiny pile into the bong, and my friend ripped it just as the digital clock hit 4:21 AM.  We had done it.  We exchanged groggy high-fives and were quickly asleep by 5.  At 4:20 post meridiem we repeated the process, with more success as we still had about 5 seconds left after we all got our rips in.

I understand this years 4/20 falls on a Tuesday, when many of you have school.  We were lucky enough to have a 4/20 on a Saturday.  I don’t know if you’re an expert at sneaking out of the house, or maybe want to tell your folk you have to get to school early for practice or to do some weight training or possibly even some studying, if they are willing to believe you’ll do that.  Whatever it takes, but I’m looking at high school aged HMJ readers.  Hit those 4:20 watershed marks on 4/20.  You’ll feel good for school that day (i.e. you’ll be dozing all day).

The challenge has been set, let me know in the comments if you accomplish the feat.  Also, as I’m sure this isn’t THAT cool, let me know if you’ve done something crazier, or more difficult on April 20th.

*If you have less than five people attempting to do five individual bong hits in under a minute, then I’ll still praise your skills, but it won’t be as remarkable as our feat.

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