4:20 Flick: Miley Cyrus Trippin on Salvia

This is great, not only is Miley now a legal hot P.O.A. but she also smokes, Salvia in this vid, but I’m sure she tokes on the Ganja too. I’ve never personally tried Salvia, but I’ve been around people who have, it’s pretty funny watching people trip, especially when you’re way baked already. If you don’t know what Salvia is, it’s a legally sold herb found in smoke shops. It’s similar to weed except it makes you trip for about 30-40 seconds, sometimes longer depending on the strength of the Salvia and the amount you smoke of course.

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Author: Tribute

Are you a Red Eye Jedi? Do you have some glass that is Bong of the Day material? Are you a Stoner Artist who likes drawing, painting, photographing weed? We all know It's 4:20 Somewhere! Email me with your pictures at Tribute@hailmaryjane.com to be featured in future posts!

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