4/20 Memory Haze: Our Favorite 4/20 Memories, What is yours?

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4/20 is upon us and as usual, we are stoned. This year marks HMJ’s 4th 4/20 in existence and this year is shaping up to be our best yet. We have brought you mixtapes, classic articles, and covered all types of events for you on 4/20 in the past. As I am writing this, I am on the plane to go to Denver, CO for the High Times Cannabis Cup which should make this years 4/20 historic for HMJ but that doesn’t mean that past 4/20 celebrations weren’t memorable. As the HMJ team continues to grow, we will be able to provide you more and more coverage of 4/20 events in future years including stories from this years festivities. In the meantime, we decided that we would share some of our favorite 4/20 memories with you all now. This post includes 4/20 times from several HMJ team members. Enjoy!

Name: Lenny, Owner

@LennyGaiter, @Hail_Mary_Jane

My favorite 4/20 memory had to be our first 4/20. It was 2009, HMJ was still very young and just me on the team. I had just got on twitter and began networking with the few weed heads who were on at the time. After getting in touch with High Times Magazine (through twitter) they provided us with free entry into their 4/20 party that was going down on 4/20 in Brooklyn. This was the first of many times that High Times has shown HMJ love.

After posting about the event and making sure every one of my followers knew about it, I ventured out to Brooklyn not knowing what to expect from the party. High Times tried to promote the party but still keep it relatively low-key but that went out the window when the New York Times got a hold of the news and ran a story about the pending party. Because of that, High Times was concerned that the party would get shut down by cops (it didn’t) and that people wouldn’t be able to smoke (we did).

After a long journey from Jersey to Brooklyn in the rain, we made it and we were so glad we made the trip.

We partied in a two floor warehouse bar in Brooklyn and a new Miss High Times (?) was crowned that evening. On the first floor there was music from various artists who were marijuana friendly and on the second floor was the smoking section. The second floor had a tropical theme to it complete with a fountain, plants, and trippy lighting. There were also more bongs, bowls, blunts, and joints then I had ever seen in one place prior to that. I was shocked about how friendly people were with their weed and it really made me feel like this is how life should be. The High Times Editors also allowed me to smoke and chill with them in VIP.

History was in the making and who knows what the future holds.  Stay tuned, greenies!

Check out the gallery from the show below

[imagebrowser id=57]

Name: Green, Managing Editor


A few years back on 4/20 I was stuck in the panhandle of Texas working. Just my buddy and I were there doing some manual labor work. It was a very small rural, hick town. We really had no idea what we were going to do for 4/20. Being stuck in a hotel room, we decided we would just try to make a big bong out a 5 gallon water jug. We had to of gone to Home Depot about 4 different times in a matter of 2 hours. There no reason to get high first, actually there was. We kept forgetting to get certain pieces for the bong. I’m sure the people at Home Depot eventually figured out what we were building. The funny part is that we only smoke a few bowls out of it. The ironic part is that we eventually got kicked out of our hotel for marijuana. We took the bong apart and left it in the bathroom. But the maids said something and the staff kicked us out. But they did manage to steal some of my weed out of my bag. It worked out in the long run because in the next hotel we left everything out and just tipped the maids. They loved that so it was a win win situation right there.

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Name: DavidB, Contributing Writer

I met this strain at the 2004 Toker’s Bowl in Vancouver. We were at a Bowl party, held in the old police headquarters building, and Michelle Rainey came around with a gallon sized plastic bag full of bud. She reached in the bag and pulled out a handful. “There wasn’t enough of this for it to be a bowl entry,” she said. It took about 250 grams of a strain to become a Toker’s Bowl entrant. “It’s called God Bud. The grower said, ‘pass it out,’ so I am.”

The Bowl is 200 “judges” [people who bought tickets and traveled to Vancouver]. Lots of these people really know cannabis. When the God Bud got passed out the party was in full swing — band loud, food good, dancing for fun, and lots of pot. The whole room hit the God Bud at about the same time. In twenty minutes the room — the band, the waiters, the dance floor – was quiet, still, and smiling. The God Bud had introduced herself. She’s still a favorite.

The God Bud would have won the Bowl if it had been entered. A few months later this strain won the Indica Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

Name: Babycorn, Public Speaking & Communications


My 4/20s have all been…mediocre–a typical toke at most; this year that’s all going to change. Before freelancing and working with HMJ every 4/20 would stumble on a work night/day. I was working till 11:30pm and getting back up at 6. Between a rock and a hard place.

Now, I’ve had my own personal potidays, but nothing holy or sacred. This year, it’s going down big. I’m supporting a SSDP Earth Day Fair at West Chester University first. Following will be the short planned and long awaited par-tay. I’m looking forward to it all: the music, the dancing, the greenery. I fall misty eyed thinking about it. This 4/20 is a Friday and you bet your bottom dollar I’m going to take advantage of it.

Beverages, buddies, bowls and blunts…God bless ‘em…everyone.

P.S. You like what I did there?

So fresh and so green

Name: Semi, Social Media Director & Communications


I can’t really recall most of the 4/20’s I’ve celebrated. The best I can remember (vaguely) started out as my worst. I was out all day, submitting applications as a bartender at various bars, clubs and restaurants in NYC. I tried to remain optimistic; but I had been job hunting for a few months at that point so spirits were getting low… and so were funds. With a lack of cash bud had been sparse and that day was no exception. I called various friends & smoking partners trying to work some magic. Everyone was either too far away, busy or unavailable. My network of smoking buddies only consisted of about 3 or 4 people by the way.

I know, fail.

Disappointed I traveled home. Later that night, I received a call from my best friend who had previously been MIA and it was on. We met up and smoked a good 7 or 8… poooosibly 9 blunts back to back. Ironically it was after 12:00am so I didn’t even get to smoke that 4/20 but man was I high as shit on 4/21.

Name: Doodette, Contributing Writer


April 20th or 4/20 to pot smokers, THE biggest Stoner Holiday known to man still lingers in the weedy clouds that remain. It’s a day where pot smokers and enthusiasts are out in full force rendering peace, love and solidarity for the almighty Cannabis plant. While I used to love practicing civil disobedience on 4/20, lighting up right in front of the police, I’ve spent it in the company of close friends and fellow stoners celebrating and feeling fortunate to be partaking in such a wonderful plant/herb/medicine. It’s fun being in a massive joint-smoking crowd, but give me a small social situation to really appreciate marijuana…with close friends, all bringing their best to share with everyone!

Ok, call me paranoid! The Feds have not been “berry berry good” for marijuana, its supporters or providers recently! Seizures closures and threats…oh my! They are all very REAL and as much as I LOVE being in public, blazing up a big fat joint with hundreds of other people at cool places like Hippie Hill in San Francisco or UC campus in Boulder, I decided not to go this year for those particular reasons. Yes, this year a lot of things have changed and we haven’t even made it halfway yet. I wasn’t completely convinced the Feds are done spreading fear or flexing their muscle against legal medical marijuana states by targeting popular 4/20 smoking/gathering places, I hope that where ever you chose to be on 4/20, you were safe! You’re here reading HMJ so you survived another Greenie Holiday…I’ll toke to that!

Name: Jane Dank, All Around Superstar


My most memorable 4/20 was in the year 09′. I remember it was a rainy day. Back in high school the weather or how I felt in the morning determined if I was going to attend. Clearly, I slept in on this glorious day. Around lunch time, the rest of my crew came over with blunts, papers, honey, and of course cannabis. Everyone wanted to at least roll one, luckily there was enough for that. We finally make it to my room, where it’s full of stoners and first timers. The rule was once you were in, you couldn’t leave: not to pee or breathe until the session was over. We were ashing in a 4-piece chicken nugget box.. Afterwards it had weight to it. A first timer got so high he took his pants off.. to this day I have no idea why but he started smoking on the reg afterwards. I had this amazing rasta pipe my mom got when she used to smoke from Aruba.. someone stole it. I had people come over for me to roll their bud up, I truly felt empowered and got even higher off that. Yeah basically my only downfall that day was having an amazing bowl and someone feeling the need to own it. Last year came close, but I feel this year will top this memory.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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