43rd Annual Smoke-In in Washington, DC on July 4th!

How eventful were the days leading up to this actual event you ask? It all starts with checking out our Cannabis Event Calendar and choosing which ones we can cover. With me being the only person that live in the DMV on the team, I saw this as a perfect and credible event to try and cover. I anticipated doing my first event with Lenny but the true pothead blood that we all share enabled us to plan for his attendance the day before a holiday. So of course, everything was sold out at the ideal time he should arrive. I was a little discouraged about going by myself but a couple supporters decided to take the journey with me.

This was also a chance to redeem myself from smoking copious amounts of reefer on 4/20 this year and passing out on 2 events I was supposed to attend.

We arrive at Lafayette Park where I see beautiful hippies and fellow cannabis supporters gathered on a pretty hot day for Justice for Medical Marijuana patients in the Nation’s Capital. The first sign I see was from Mom’s for Marijuana so I had to take a picture with it and the Maryland Division Rep & ChairWOman of their organization. I also got a wonderful chance to meet the professional yet down to earth Miguel Lopez, a rally organizer who is apart of the Mile High NORML division. It was a day of peace in DC: speakers and cannabis activists  from all over including Wayward Bill, Richard Eastman, John Pylka, Julia Rose, and Dennis Peron.

We took a photo with Wayward Bill.. minutes later he drops enough bud to roll a joint in a friend of mine’s hand. OUR DAY HAD BEEN MADE AT THAT POINT. As the speeches were concluded it was time to walk a few yards to the front of the White House to take a group photo. We then proceeded to march on Constitution Ave with our signs and encouraged on-lookers to join in. I felt a bit famous; we had people honking, taking photos, and just blatantly starring in amazement. I was also fascinated by the police involvement; side streets were blocked off by police cars and metro buses. We came up with different things to shout and just seeing the different kind of people the movement brought together was amazing to be apart of.

We reached our destination which was the end of Constitution Ave where there was a free concert from 3-9PM. Before we could pass, they were searching bags and luckily I left my bowl at home :). I had came more prepared than I thought. Live performances from The I-Ternals, Bat, Unfortunate Sons, and Thomas Wynn & the Believers had the whole feeling of the event like an extremely small remake of Woodstock. If you’ve never heard of any of these groups (like I hadn’t) just imagine a mix between rock/reggae/country with the common theme of  “cannabis.”

This was my first and successful event. Having to promote the site and network with other Cannabis activists/sites was a thrill.

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Author: Jane Dank

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