5 Best Sports To Watch While Toking

This is a Guest Post from our friends at Weed Maps.

Sports: the quintessential hotbed of action, freak accidents, holy crap moments and hotties. As the tag line says, this was going to be a sports blog, until somebody got high. Well, who says you can’t get high and enjoy sports all the same, maybe even more? Take a peak and my list of favorite, best sports for stoner entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for high action (no pun intended,) things to make you snort neon energy drinks out your nose, or just a bevy of hotness, these sporting events have something for every medical marijuana sports fan. I’ve divided them up, based on key features of interest to myself and fellow Greenie buds.

If Fighting’s Your Thing

Pro wrestling for laughs and the occasional hot chick is a good option if fighting is your thing, but you’re not a stickler for realistic fight scenes. With pro wrestling, you don’t have to pay too much attention; kind of like soaps for chicks. Think about it, steroidal guys in desperate need of more fiber in their diets,donning neon tights? Come on, like that doesn’t make you laugh even before the first toke.

Now, if you’re serious about your fighting preferences? Then mixed martial arts or hockey are the options for you. Watch some extreme MMA fighting, or just a regular college hockey game and you’ll get all the fight scenes you can inhale. MMA bouts even have real blood. Hockey, well, my favorite stoner activity is playing Track the Tooth. See if you can watch a hockey game long enough for a fight to break out, then see how many flying teeth you can track.

1st Choice for Holy Crap Moments

There’s nothing quite like a good car or motorcycle crash to make you go “Man! Holy crap. Did you see that?” If you’re looking for that holy crap moment to ponder long after the checkered flag disappears, car racing is the stoner sport for you. NASCAR, drag racing, off road racing, just pick your setting. If bikes are more your thing, Motocross works too. All those bright paint jobs, going 100mph or more, looking sort of like neon speed blurs until all of a sudden, WHAM!

Cat Fight! Remember Roller Derby?

Who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of hotties in tight shirts and roller skates? Even better – who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of hotties in tight shirts, on roller skates, clobbering each other? You guessed it – one of my favorite sports when I’m high is Roller Derby. Trust me, grab your favorite bowl or twist a tasty blunt, and sit back to watch boobs and blunders on blades.

Xtreme Sports

When traditional sports just don’t do it for you, there’s always extreme sports. Seriously Greenies, if you want a sporting event that brings on that dumbfounded, open-mouthed silence that hangs in the room? Try out some extreme sports like skydiving, skiing, or even better skydive skiing. Have you seen those guys? They jump out of a chopper or small plane, skis on, ready to hit the slope from on high. Wild stuff.

The Wipe Out

Surfing is a classic stoner sport. Greenies have lost themselves in the high times of surfing for generations. There’s a reason for that. Sun, sand, surf, and for the casual observer – the wipe out. Definitely high tide entertainment. Follow along with surf competitions via your favorite coffee table surfboard and see if you can hold your balance. Just don’t blame me if your buddies are more entertained by you wiping out on the carpet than the dudes wiping out on TV.

What about you, fellow Greenies? What’s your favorite sport to watch while getting high?


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