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5 Festive Strains for Your Holidaze

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means greenies: another excuse to get baked out of your gourd. There’s food to eat, presents to open, and lots of bright trippy lights to stare at – so you’re gonna need the right buds to keep your mind right. Any lumberjacks gardening their own trees this season? Look no further because Feminized Cannabis Seeds are perfect for the stoners looking for a quick and easy cultivation process. Here are some suggested nugs to keep you cheerful through the winter.

1. Northern Lights


You already see where this is going don’t you? Good. Northern Lights is a staple of the smoker’s diet all year, but there’s just a certain appropriateness to sparking up a fatty of Aurora Borealis in the crisp winter air and getting a good, euphoric body high going. You’ll be seeing Santa Claus in no time.


2. Red Dwarf


Okay, so obviously the name is incredibly befitting of the season (elves, dwarves…it’s all the same when you’re high), but that’s not the only reason this indica is on the list. Red Dwarf is known for its magical pain relieving powers, which could be advantageous for braving the winter frostiness. Then again, it’s also known for inducing extreme sleepiness – so you could just get baked, curl up next to a fire, and munch on gingerbread cookies if you’re feeling it.


3. Green Crack


If it’s Christmas, you have to assume that anything red is gonna be followed by something green. Burning one down is no exception. Bored with the lethargy that comes with all of these damned indica strains? Then get some of that Green Crack in your system. It’ll re-energize you with a short, spacey head high and won’t keep you attached to the nearest recliner.


4. Snowcap


One of my recent favorites. Snowcap has a really clear sativa high and a lemony taste that’s perfect for getting your day started…and then keeping said day going…and then maybe once or twice before dinner. So if you’re the type of smoker who likes to be out and about this time of the year, socializing at holiday parties and whatnot, then this strain is definitely for you.


5. Outdoor Dro


Don’t be spoiled, greenies. So it probably won’t give you the pure high you’re used to, or maybe any high at all – but the holiday season is about nostalgia, and what’s more nostalgic than the weed you used to smoke before you knew what good weed was? Also, it tastes like pine needles, so that’s a plus.


No matter what you are smoking on this winter, HMJ hopes that you have a happy and safe holiday.  If you are not one of the people fortunate enough to live in a place where the strains are easily listed, you should check out this wide selection of Cannabis Seeds from our friends Sendi Seeds over in the Dam!

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Author: Matty Show

"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom." The great and wise existentialist philosopher Henry Winkler once said those fine words, and since then the world has been all leather jackets, thumbs up, and shark jumps. These are the things - essential needs of life - that Matty Show believes in. Writer, artist, musician, and connoisseur of the finest herbs - Matty Show is a modern day renaissance man with a love for lethargy, silliness, and fruit snacks. Formerly the Lead Editor of The Campus Socialite, he has spent the last 6 months exploring the depths of his bedroom, from the vaporizer in the dresser to the bong buried deep in the darkness of the closet.

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