5 Guys We Don’t Mind Seeing Ripping Their Shirts Off


Seeing guys or girls rip off their shirts generates different emotions in people. Most people (including women) don’t mind seeing women rip their shirts off, in fact it is encouraged and should happen more often. For guys on the other hand, its more risky. Most guys DEFINITELY don’t want to see that and a lot of females could do without it as well.

In our society, a guy ripping off his shirt usually means it’s time for war though.  Throughout history there have been very few males that were able to pull off ripping off their shirt and still being accepted by people. I’ve scoured the internet and narrowed it down to 5 guys that can safely do it without people looking at them funny.

I definitely do NOT mean guys that look like this while ripping off their shirts.


Your sexuality will not be questioned if you are caught reading this post, unless you are caught checking out that guy a little too much.

Hulk Hogan


I wonder how many of these shirts Hulk Hogan went through in his career.



Whenever he took his shirt off, you could safely assume that some bad guys were about to get their asses kicked.

The Incredible Hulk


Looks crazy right? I bet you wouldn’t tell him to put his shirt back on though.

Macho Man Randy Savage


Couldn’t find any shirt ripping pics from him but he used to rip his shirts off all the time and if a guy is walking around in shirts that look like this, you WANT them to rip them off…. then burn them.

This guy

He looks like he will kick your ass, after he is done rubbing oil on his muscles.

This last picture is added just to infuse any ounce of heterosexuality I might be able to in this post. Enjoy.


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