5 Hysterical Stand Up Comedy Acts About Weed


On this blog, I usually make my best effort to be somewhat funny. I am a very sarcastic person by nature so that reflects in my blog posts. I take stabs at just about every sex, race (especially my own), sexual orientation, or anyone who is easily offended. Sometimes I don't feel like being funny.

That is where these guys come in. There are many comedy weed heads but here are some guys who had enough balls to actually come out and talk about their love for the green, in a funny way. Good times.

Honest John

Willie Barcena

Robin Williams

Dave Chapelle

Kat Williams

Shout outs to my man TS1 over at 5starhiphop.com for letting me know I forgot one. Here is a bonus stand up from Martin. Classic.



Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  1. Excellent. It’s even funnier after you blaze wun. LMFAO! I’m starin’ at my fridge right now!

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    • not funny, thanks a lot asshole

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  2. Why isn't Doug Benson on this list??He was stoner of the year!

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  3. Honest John, at 1:36, that Robert Anton Wilson in the audience!

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