5 Quick Tips for US Tokers visiting the UK

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The UK smoking culture is a little different to the UK. If you’re coming over here’s some things that may help you out:

1. Hash

There is hash in the UK. Beautiful brown stuff made from the cannabis plant that is well worth investigation if you haven’t tried it. Try to avoid ‘soapbar’, low grade hash that often has plastic in it. Yes plastic.

Any hash that’s from Morocco, India, Nepal, Pakistan or Afghanistan (yes – some great hash comes from Afghanistan) should be sampled if at all possible. And, if you’re in London you’re only a short hop from Amsterdam where you can buy these hashes over the counter.

2. Tobacco

In the UK many weed smokers mix tobacco with weed. It’s a historical thing. It’s also pretty difficult to smoke a joint of hash without using tobacco. Vaporizers are not a big thing, yet, but I think they could be catching on in some circles.

3. Smoking it

We like to smoke the joint for more than a couple of tokes. We may hang on to it for a while, as opposed to taking a quick toke and passing it on. And some of us are terrible joint hogs who won’t even pass the thing on once we get it.

4. Scoring

It’s tricky scoring off the street in London though not impossible. You’re better off going to a pub and talking to people. Discreetly. If all else fails head to the canal in Camden, watch your ass, and expect to pay a lot for a small amount of weed. The guys in Camden seem to sell in 16th ounce bags, or smaller. Always smell it first.

5. Weighing/pricing

An ounce (28g) of skunk weed normally costs £140 (US$223) or more in London. Nobody deals in grams, as a rule. Good quality hash can sometimes be found for a similar price, though lower grade hash can be got for £50 (US$80) an ounce in the UK (but be careful). Bush weed from Africa can be as cheap as that too, if you meet the right guy. In London you’re more likely to come across skunk than anything else.

This is a guest post from dope smoker – uk hash and weed blog.

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Author: dope-smoker

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