5 Recession Survival Tips For Potheads

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In this recession, scrapping enough cash together for a sac can be tricky.  Luckily, we’re here to help.  If you’re pinching pennies to get that gram then you should ask for a raise, but if you find yourself out of ganja before your next paycheck then read on.

1) The First thing you want to do when you originally purchase your stash is hide some.  I sometimes have my girlfriend do this, so I can’t cheat and hit it up early.  Actually she gave me this idea when she starting purloining little nugs without my knowledge then surprising me when I ran out.

2) Get a dug out.  They’re cheap (you can get them on St Mark’s Place in NYC for 20 bones) and covert enough for Midtown Manhattan smoking.  Be careful with these though because the shoddy one’s will trap little flecks of nugget in the wood on the bottom, and they cease being useful if you have to bang out those last pieces of grass.

3) Try and limit your smoking.  I know this sounds dumb, but if you have some nice Kush, maybe think twice before rolling that up in a Dutchie.

4) Use a Kief catcher.  Every time you rack a ripe, use the catcher, and obviously any time you roll something up.  Eventually you can pour a whole load on a bong hit and go comatose for half a day.  Also it’s nice for when you only have one bowl left, or you’re just out and using resin like a degenerate.

5) Search for it.  Best possible places to find weed sitting alone:

A) Back of your car.  I once found about an 1/8’s worth of it in my backseat in high school.  If you’re driving around with your buddies for a little lunchtime toke, you would be amazed how much falls into the seat or on the ground.

B) Couch.  Same reason as above.

C) Your coffee table is the first place you should check if that’s your go to place to pack a pipe or roll something.

D) As part of the coffee table, check out the joints you smoked in the past.  Chances are you stubbed that shit out a little too soon, and there’s a nice roach waiting for you.


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Author: Tyrel

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