5 Snacks You Need On Super Bowl Sunday

Snacks on snacks on weight gain. Everyone packs a few extra pounds on Super Bowl Sunday. Unless, you’re strong and can resist the food. If you’re like me, then you’re eating everything in sight. From the main course to the finger foods. Motto is: Got to try everything. Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite and possible favorite snacks at a Super Bowl party. If you have these five foods at your party, it can’t be bad.

1. Loaded Tater Tots

I just stumbled upon this concoction this week and I was drooling.  I possibly cried a little too. It just looks amazing. Like those nugs you get that look so beautiful that you kind of don’t want to smoke them. You more or less just want to look at them and cherish it. From the cheese to mass amounts of bacon, you cannot go wrong with this.

2. Bacon Fries

Because you can never have too much bacon. If anyone ever tells you different they’re are wrong and know nothing. Or they are not from the U.S. Regardless, we can all use more bacon. Fries, good. Bacon, GOOD! I don’t know if this should be dessert or an appetizer?

3. Anything Deep Fried

Anything deep fried is always better. I’m pretty sure that is in the constitution. Don’t quote me, but it should be. I’m pretty sure everybody has had a bad experience with deep fried food. But for every bad time you’ve had a million good times with deep fried food. Deep fry some cookies, cookie dough, pickles, mac & cheese, bacon. Hell, deep fry those bacon fries. Just deep fry.

4. Unoriginal Pizza

Everyone loves pizza. Whether you’re a meat lover, veggie pizza or cheese only type of person. Everyone can settle on a type of pizza they enjoy. This year, switch it up. Make a pizza with mac & cheese as the topping. I swear it is delicious. Throw some shrimp on the top with that pepperoni. Nacho pizzas are truly only a stoner thing and are great. The best way to make it is to get high before you make it. Also, make sure you are high while you eat as well.


5. Chips and Dip

You can not have a Super Bowl Party without a simple bag or bags of chips and some dip. Don’t even try to argue this statement. If the party doesn’t have this then I will be sad and stoned. Which is very hard to accomplish. Please make sure you have this at your party.

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