5 Things I Learned From Attending my First Cannabis Expo

It’s not exactly something you learn about in school, and although it is definitely possible, you may not know how to get involved in the cannabis industry. On Thursday, June 16th, In the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center, I went to my first cannabis expo—ever: The Cannabis World Congress Business Expo (CWCBE). Cannabusinesses, investors, activists, pro athletes, and individuals who are part of the cannabis community come together to network, give seminars, and share their knowledge; all in effort to move the industry one-step closer to legalization.

I learned all about cannabis industry economics, marketing, the edible niche, and intellectual property in the seminars that I attended. There were many more seminars on the day’s agenda… I just couldn’t be everywhere at once.

On the exhibition floor, cannabusinesses from every market in the industry come together to network, showcase, and teach.

I gained quite a bit of knowledge and insight on the cannabis industry from attending an expo, taking notes, and networking. To make the most out of the time you have, here are the 5 things that successful individuals do at a cannabis expo, and before attending a cannabis expo.

1. Come Up With a Game Plan

When you attend any cannabis expo there will be hundreds, if not thousands of people in attendance. At the CWCBE there were over 100 cannabusinesses in attendance, on top of that there were hundreds of individuals who are involved in the industry, plus attendees.

You are not going to have time to talk to everybody; it’s just not possible. So you are going to want to come prepared with a game plan. You should have a good idea of the seminars you want to attend and what time they happen. You are also going to want to know which businesses booth’s you want to stop by so that you can connect with their company.

2. Bring Business Cards!

This is the perfect opportunity to get your brand out there; it is also a great opportunity to connect with fellow members of the cannabis community. You may end up meeting someone and being an asset to each other. Business cards are a phenomenal tool to enrich that process. Make sure your business card contains all of your: contact information, a short description or the slogan of your business, and a link to your website.

3. Network!

If you are looking to get involved in the industry, you must network when you attend a cannabis expo! With hundreds of cannabusinesses in attendance, you are bound to find a company or organization that you can get involved with. By doing so, you will catalyze cannabis industry progression.

4. Go to Seminars and Take Notes.

The seminars given at cannabis expos are a great place to become informed. Industry experts with many years of experience under their belt share their knowledge and give you advice on navigating the industry. At the end of the seminars there is often time for the industry experts to answer audience questions. This is a great pace to take notes, ask questions, and learn how to take your brand to the next level.

5. Ask Questions!

If there is something you don’t know, and would like to know, you should always ask. You will be surrounded by individuals from every sector of the cannabis industry—somebody will be able to assist you with your cannabis industry inquires.

If you want to get involved in the cannabis industry, a cannabis expo is a great place to begin. There will be many cannabusinesses, investors, and individuals with experience in the industry that can point you in the right direction.

If you are an investor, this is a great place to see what services and technologies companies are bringing to the table. If you are a part of the cannabis community, it is a great place to meet like-minded individuals who hope for and fight for legalization.

I look forward to the next cannabis expo that I attend. Thank you New York Cannabis World Congress Business Expo (2016) for giving me the first of many memorable experiences to come at a cannabis expo.

HMJ Writer Patrick Thompson
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Writer Patrick Thompson

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Author: Patrick Thompson

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