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5 Things To Know When Requesting FREE Hail Mary Jane Stickers

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We love sending you Greenies FREE HMJ stickers. Over the years we’ve seen some problems that have happened. You Greenies have sent us money, just stamps, notes and tons of other random and great things. I took the time to put together a list that will make sure you Greenies get your stickers. We just sent out a ton of HMJ stickers last week. Click Here to get your FREE HMJ stickers. But read this first to make sure your envelope and stamps make it safely.

1. Don’t Just Send Stamps

We don’t have envelopes laying around the HMJ headquarters. Just sending us stamps makes it harder for you to get your stickers.

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2. Please Don’t Send Us Money

As much as we appreciate money; don’t send us any. Use that extra cash to buy more stamps. The more stamps you use, the more stickers you get. We want you to get the most stickers possible.

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3. Don’t Send Envelopes Without Stamps

This is not as bad as just sending stamps. We can at least bring the stickers in the envelope all ready to send to the post office, and just buy stamps there. This still does not guarantee you will get your stickers.

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4. Hope They Make It In One Piece

We have had some problems of receiving mail that has been destroyed in its voyage. We will still send out your stickers if the address wasn’t destroyed.

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5. Make Sure Your Envelopes Aren’t Already Sealed

I’ve opened a few letters that have the envelope already sealed. This makes it really hard to get stickers into and envelope that’s already sealed. It ends up being a mixture of 1 & 3. Try your best to make sure it is unsealed when you send it


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Author: MisterMaryJane

I type stuff on a computer. Green@HailMaryJane.com - @MisterMaryJane

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