5 Things You Can Do To Help California Legalize Cannabis In 2014


The cannabis users of California are determined to get cannabis legalized in 2014. After seeing Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana, I think Cali has felt somewhat left out. Even though we still have the best weed, we do want the laws that Colorado and Washington have.

Here a 5 simple and fun steps you can take to

1. Volunteer

Help out by hosting and event, fundraiser, reaching out to your network, blogging or many more. More info on how you can volunteer here.

2. Donate

Donating even a $1 helps any cause whether you think so or not. Donate here.

3. Attend An Event

Attending any type of cannabis related event shows that you support marijuana. Here are a list of marijuana related event for the year of 2013 here.

4. Vote

Get.Out.And.Vote! Go vote when this gets on the ballot. I don’t care what you’re voting. Get up and go vote for something. Let your voice be heard. This is your right.

5. Come Out Of The Closet

Tell somebody that doesn’t know about your cannabis use. Try to educate them if they don’t react well to your coming out of the closet. If everyone already knows that you use cannabis, refer back to 1-4.

Find more information about legalizing cannabis in California here.

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