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5 Thoughts Before I Roll Up With @RegularAssRon

Here at HMJ, we don’t do many guest posts. Actually, this really isn’t even a guest post. But the homie Ron Swaggart aka @RegularAssRon did a blog post on his blog, D.B.M.H (Don’t Blow My Hi). He posted the 5 Thoughts Before I Roll Up. He’s like the black Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation. Well, maybe just because they are both funny and both named Ron. Whoever he might be like, he is one funny guy on twitter. Asking the questions only the lonely and sad would. At the same time giving us 5 Things To Think About Before Rolling Up. This is entirely Ron’s opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. If it offends you then the interwebs probably isn’t the place for and you definitely don’t belong on twitter. When I think about the things I’ve thought about before rolling up. They usual deal with where is my water, dammit I only have one cigarette left, what is my ex girlfriend doing, why am I so drunk and other lonely thoughts. Big shouts to RegularAssRon and his blog Don’t Blow My Hi.

1. Speak about what you want out of life; not what you don’t have!

2. Don’t Be a Miserable Person….The more time you spend complaining and being angry; the less time you spend keeping the pussy around you wet with excitement!

3. Don’t argue with anyone who is uglier than you….Not saying be a pretentious pretty boy….just don’t let niggas whose mirrors are excited when they leave the house get you out of your element. Ugly people are just here to do Satan’s work!

4. Don’t waste your time telling niggas how to live…they wont listen. If they do listen; it’s just to steal your waves and hope you get attacked by a shark!

5. Embrace other cultures….or don’t; I will!

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  • HeroXero

    "…just don’t let niggas whose mirrors are excited when they leave the house get you out of your element."

    Too funny and so true.