50% of Americans Favorable Towards Marijuana Legalization

We have another major win for the marijuana industry Greenies! A poll recently done by Gallup revealed that 50% of Americans favor the legalization of Marijuana with 46% still wishing to continue the “war on drugs”. A war that’s obviously FAILED severely. Most of us get our Weed illegally & it’s more available than ever, in flavors. To be fair, the survey doesn’t account EVERY American obviously but it was well varied. These results are via phone interviews done between October 6-9th 2011, Gallup reached out to 1,005 adults, 18 or older, living in all 50 states & the District of Colombia. It’s clear the people feel like it’s pointless to continue this failed war on drugs:

“Spending billions of dollars and arresting over 800,000 people annually for violating marijuana laws now represents not just foolish public policy but also an inappropriate and indecent use of police powers to favor one side of a cultural and political debate,” Ethan Nadelmann, Drug Policy Alliance, pointed out.

​”This is an historic day in the decades-long war on marijuana,” said Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). “As of today, a majority of the American public believes the use of marijuana should be legal for adults.

I’m glad to see the people of this country are finally opening their eyes! Not just with this breakthrough for the Marijuana culture, but also everything that’s going on with Occupy Wall St. & Occupy Worldwide! This is what the world’s been needing for a very long time. It’s time we break out of these ancient laws & start over with a new more logical system! It’ll all come into place in TIME, a Greenie can dream!

[Image via Gallup]

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