50 Pictures Of Pothead Girls Enjoying Their Pot

We all love weed. I think everyone who has ever visited my site in the history of existence love weed and if you don’t, I still love ya anyway. One thing I love more than you, is a hot girl though. When you combine weed and girls you are combining two of my favorite things in the world and turning into a fun time for all. The only thing that would make it better is if money, that didn’t belong to me, was raining down on them. Oh well, this is the next best thing.

The first few pictures are of girls from Miss High Times (2009) and in competition for that coveted title.ย  I am sure all of these young ladies want to get additional votes so make sure you click on the pictures and vote on your favorites.

Here are 50 pictures of some really cute weed head girls doing their thing. There are girls taking shotgun, smoking, and posing with the weed. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Email Lenny@HailMaryJane.com or Green@HailMaryJane.com to be featured as a stoner girl on Hail Mary Jane.


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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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  • Jason

    Dood! These girls are hot! Maybe I should start smoking pot… Best pro pot adverising ever ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ldog

      you should

    • Jon

      yes you should, theres nothing better than some good herb.

    • allen k

      yes great pics.of the buds

    • Andrew "Lucky"

      its dude asshole!!!!! maybe you should start smoking pot you say? you smell like a rat. a dirty fucking pesant…you stupid as it is….pot will make you straight up special ed fred, its that chronic thats hydroponic and turns you into a man…confused you stupid fuck? yeah, pick up and move to the back of the line dummy……..

      • yo's

        dude go get a blowjob or something and piss off

      • roma

        you have the worst grammar i have ever seen…………. how fucking stupid are you??? "pesant" "its dude asshole" what the fuck does that even mean?? fuck off, you give all stoners a bad rep

  • Socal420

    This is the best set of pictures I've ever seen on the internet. Period.

    • dro

      word bro

  • nyarltep

    half these bitches are fucking skanks

    • sounds like your mad cuz you can't get them… just sayin…

    • Ack

      yeah the half that wouldn't touch you lol

    • ldog

      fucke you there hot

    • carol brotman

      "fucking skanks?" why so angry? You aren't good enough to be called "stoner"

    • tokey

      awww ๐Ÿ™

  • CB4

    skeevy stoners

    • stoner

      shut the fuke up

  • Mastetile

    I love to smoke with these girls

    • stoner

      same hear


    • ldog

      there not bitches there babes

  • anon

    i like how none of their eyes are dilated..

    • steve

      um, there are A LOT of strains that do not dialate the pupils. this is weed, not coke, shrooms, or x.

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  • lou

    What a bunch of dorks. Get a life people It's just herb.

    • ldog

      fucke you it`s weed

    • bob

      go suck a cock lou

    • ben

      go f..k ya lou , bong …oh, um , ahh go f..k ya bong lou…(must be the good stuff)

  • lou

    lou, you are the worst lou ever. i’m a much better lou. chix smoking weed is f’ing hot. end of story.

    • pnuon

      hahaha, that was a good one 2nd lou, haha i like u better

    • greansea

      i second second lou

    • ldog

      your fucked up did you go to school

    • ldog

      ow yea i`t i`s fuking hot

  • lou

    @anon in ref to: http://hailmaryjane.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/1124_4a0904efd30e6.jpg

    dude do you seriously doubt that chix smokes weed? seriously… eyes dialated? what are you a cop from bumfak egypt or something?

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  • scarlet lady

    yo yo yooo im the first lady on there haha
    vote for me on miss high times if youd like : http://www.misshightimes.com/users/scarletbegonias

    and @anon: i can assure you most of these ladies do indeed smoke

    • scottie2hottie

      Jersey girl huh?…. Where abouts?..I'm on the shore.

    • ldog

      fucke no ugly

  • john

    A lot of these girls are only hot if you're pre-blazed. I give this a hearty "mehfag."

    • stoner

      trow that

    • curtis

      if i smoke weed with the ladies like that it would be more then weed smoking

  • Hot ladies like their weed. I like my weed with a side of hot ladies.

    • ldog

      ow yea

  • Aaron

    The second picture after the jump looks like Jennifer Carpenter of Dexter and Quarantine. Like, except for the piercings, almost exactly the same.

    • ldog

      same hear

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  • coolll, i'm up here, haha. my eyes aren't dialated because i'm on klonopin, benzos make your pupils small. so whoever made that comment, i have a reason, i'm sure all these other girls do as well, they probably took the pictures when they JUST started smoking.

    • dr.green thumb

      weth you there

  • sMoKeMaRiJuAnA4LiFe

    these pics r hot LEGALIZE POT!!!!

  • chronicraver

    When you smoke a lot for a long time your eyes don't get dilated anymore. So in reality the most heavy users won't have dilated pupils. Also I don't care that the last post was 4 weeks ago.

  • omg…the way that chick is holding that zong on page 2 scares me….i would be afraid that it would break. knowing me it would….id just be holing it by the top….and the rest of it would just fall to the floor in a big watery-glass mess…mouth piece still in hand. but idk….maybe the glass is super thick.

    • ldog

      you went to school right



    • Jhoo Givsafuck

      A) I don't see any "niggas", nor do I see anyone attempting to act like a "nigga".
      B) Fake??? Really?? I heard some bitch saying that electronic music is "fake sound", and to top it off, the idiot was wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt!!!
      C) Just because they don't look like method man or red man in "How High" when they're smoking, doesn't mean shit.
      D) You should be ashamed of your ignorance in general. ( See: The movie "Idiocracy")
      E) I feel sorry for your friends.
      F) Are you sure you're inhaling when you smoke???

    • ldog

      i`m a stoner and i`m a nigga so shut the fuck up be for i whop your ass

      • WhiteBOY

        you went to school right? nigga.

        • ldog

          fuck you i`m i school right now bitch boy are you in school now bitch boy

  • Knowledge

    honestly im stumbling high right now and i would only hit the last 2

    • ldog

      same here

    • tali

      go suck your mum

  • Jacob

    i'd fuck every girl on this page, are you stupid?

    • BrownSloth

      Haha yeah man

    • ldog

      no i would to

    • curtis

      i would fuck the shit out of them then smoke bud with them in bed naked as fuck

    • jhon

      yea fuck me i would to got any dealers on her or just buyers

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  • Twisted_5-0

    Fuckin' hot. Score college chicks like them all the time wanting to suck or fuck their way out of possession summons. God I love my job.

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  • monster

    hell na to the dude sayin he should start smokin now that he see them bitches hell na….get off this website its a shame i smoke to maintain…not to "fit in"

  • lito115

    i wish i lived in cali

  • Sir Smoke Alot

    george you would have to be the only fag on here for saying stupid shit like that you are prob the only one who dosnt smoke so shut the fuck up nobody wants to hear your whinning

  • braxton brown

    just smokin through. smoke one!

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  • That gasmask bong is awesome.

    • ldog

      whats up with the name do you suck Little puppy or rape them

  • rob

    Haha this is some funny shit. I’m down to smoke with whoever…..anytime all the time. My name robert but go by rob hit me up on myspace lol. Myspace.com/lil_rob

    • ldog

      i now a rob in hungry horse

  • ryan

    i smoke trees all day 420 get at me

    • ldog

      you smoke trees so you suck dick so your gay

  • joe

    wow man you stoner chicks are hot

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  • awww yeah. i'm so happy i found this site!

  • bubba kush lady

    Aww biatches we gotta smoke!!! As soon as I’m done w my stupid probation… just stay out of trouble smoking sum boomb is always hot!!! Pretty girls except for the one w the green bong.. uglyyy ugly clothes too lol… stay high

    • ldog

      yea she is ugly but i lick the bong

  • hot. where is this place full of weed and girls?? eden exist!

  • Why aren't any girls vaporizing? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • ldog

      it wastes weed

  • Gicoyo

    i wud love to smoke wit the first girl in da picture as a matter of fact all the girls but if i hand to pic it wud b her . i from da Bahamas and guest wat ? we stay red, blitz, allll hi-up, mash-up
    we smoke P.I's (personal joints) in Nassau, big bats, we fly kites, bob marleys, el-conos, bongs eryting. and wud Fuck ery girl on dis web page and den smoke it off and start all over

    • ldog

      hell yea

  • BILL


    • ldog

      not all of them are hot but sum are hell a hot oh and i forgot your not forum around here are you/ am i right

  • Emeka

    ganja nija: is my nick name but people call me Emeka,
    love is our life, joy is our life just wanna get married with drilling nija woman that i can love, and also share things in common: my email address is sam_glom@yahoo.com.
    royal highness!
    or call : +2347025931364.

  • bss

    funny ass thet you have

  • genihus

    u dude are d whackiest guys on d planet anytime,tel me do u enjoy playin with smoke or havin fun with something inbetween your lips… gosh.anyway i luv u all(chics)

  • shayan

    why they do that??????

  • I probably would too haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Karlina

    how do i submit a pic?

  • hoverZero

    pot+girl=alienation+pms+pregnancy+abortion+suppressed memories!

    women cannot smoke pot, it doesn’t fit with their sociology, they’ll all windup basketcases sufferring medical side effects & be abducted by ufo’s.

    • pinacoladapapers

      you are a fucking idiot.

  • ziggi

    where would we be without weed !!!!!

  • mahesh chandar


  • wuuuht tha fuhk nikka. all theze bitchez hot. i'd fuk evryone of em while smokeenz de pot. damu gangz got tha be5t reefa. wacka flocka flame. i influence. so wen it komes to smokin weed, o juz doooo it! my gramama need to kalm tha fuk down she needz weed mor than she knowz it. my grampapa needa get on that shit. and sum of theze wak ass teachers at Maple Woodz need to git on thiiz shiit. it'd do all u mutha fukaz more good than damage.

  • mercayda

    i love pot and im a girl. i also love girls =) sweet pics. LEGALIZE IT.

    • ldog

      you love girls i do to

  • yoyo

    Girl at the top has amazing tits.

  • Narky

    Eyed hit miss cleavage USA at the top foto in heartbeat, butt NOT even look at the others skanky skaggs.

  • ldog

    pot + girls=hot

  • Roflsauce

    funny how they die slow painful deaths rather than the instant one's we are told at school. most of those girls are flat too. pot stunts muscle growth and i guess boob growth too.

    • lol

      wtf are u talking about dude, smoking weed doesn’t nothing to muscle growth idiot, my muscle continue grow and i smoke, don’t know were u got that dude dumb idea from

  • FucktheDEA

    Stoners being aggressive on the web… err 0_o = daft!
    Some girls are great to smoke with, some are boring (anyway), and some just never buy their own, the cheap bitches!
    Oh and # nursegreenthumb ‘s weed leaf necklace is ridiculous, haha! I wouldn’t want to get stopped by the po with that on, kind of a giveaway.

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  • legalize the fucker

    …why are most of these women half naked? or is this just how the media portrays chicks that smoke pot

  • Umtut Sut


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  • Melquan

    Omg .. I just buss a nut !! These female just ..whoa

  • Andrew aka “Lucky”

    shorties fresh, so fly, and so dam high…to all of you picante mujeres, take a trip to Miami and ride up….

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  • Mike

    Very Pretty Women – That Smoke ~ gotta Love Them – For their Beauty and Their Brains !! ~ Peace ~ Mike ( Forest lake , Mn )

  • Charlie Murphy

    .. You girls are my kind of girls… Pot smoking hot girls… Thats what I want for Xmas… Lol

  • Why di Always smoke with ugly chicks????

  • SpaaaacedNJ

    Damn yo these girls mad sexy lol I’d smoke dem up neday

  • SpaaaacedNJ

    I’d say deez bimbos r all 2 hitter quiters
    -quote from the official mookin monsta face Rollin Ronnie

  • SpaaaacedNJ

    Stfu Ronnie u stupid Guido moffukah these girls look like certified tokers 2 me. Btw ur bud is fukin terrible u got str8 up dirt. Not even mids or shwag jus str8 up dirt. My boy robbed u n didn’t even bother 2 take ur shitty ass weed. Jus took yo duckkets n E. Thx 4 da free xboxs n molly lol. These white xboxs ain’t no fukin quadstacks tho if I paid 4 these ud b gettin a beating 4reel. Fuk u Ronnie ery1 know I got dat dank shit ๐Ÿ™‚ Neva hit up dis moffukah 4 buds

  • Mikey

    these bitches are UGLY yo!!!

  • bill

    Damn these chicks are dumb and ugly perfect for their stoner boyfriends im sure!

  • Im with mikey on this one

  • Devon

    yeah a lot of these chicks are ugly, but they are all fuckable.. especially if they had their own weed and not smoking my shit up all the time! ha ha

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  • zooks

    i like girls and weed… but damn these are some ugly hoes.

  • I’d like to tell you about a change of address little tight jeans :OO

  • A few months outdoor swing child tdhlct

  • I’m originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh ilegal underage . %(((

  • Do you know what extension he’s on? sandra model forum

  • Could you tell me the dialing code for ? russian cp sites

  • Tony

    I am not no Brad Pitt but I got a coupla things girls will enjoy all night long while all fucked up. Then do it again, and again Soma these girls are not my type & Im no Brad Pitt but Im positive weI could still get into it after a little incentive. A couple of the others are really hot, for some playing around try something new to both of us. I'm haven't done a lot because of the women I have been with…never had a kinky wild sex maniac. I would like to try one, a clean one, But with a dirty mind.

  • Tony

    I forgot to say that I got some special talents & gifts. Let's get together and feel alright.

  • I’d like to speak to someone about a mortgage Bbs Rompl 534

  • What do you do for a living? Nude Hollywood Models

  • WOW! These girls are hot.
    i well tell you that many people use led grow light to indoor growing marijuana now.
    more about led grow light,please visit the website: http://www.ledgrowlights-hydro.com
    good lucky

  • Haha your funny

    I like chics with dicks

  • #3, Beautiful eyes and knows how to roll a blunt!

    • I guess she could be the fourth if you're counting the very first one.

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  • Tatiana

    Da fuck? How on earth is this considered hot I am deeply worried about our society right now…

    • BabeWhoLovesMaryJane

      There is nothing wrong with society. There is nothing wrong with beautiful women smoking beautiful buds! It is that simple. People who don’t get high, there is something wrong with them. (: <3 panda ash<3

    • BabeWhoLovesMaryJane

      There is nothing wrong with society. There is nothing wrong with beautiful women smoking beautiful buds! It is that simple. People who don’t get high, there is something wrong with them. (: <3

  • they are the most beautiful thing id want to live smoke n fuck n then shut up n eat with. n give them a visa

  • SupaBlonde

    They are all gorgeous women and I respect their love for the ganja! I would smoke with every one of them and make it a peaceful and happy moment. Anything sexual that occurs in the process is very, very welcomed.

  • Two of my favorite things combined! I made a similar list on my blog it's all girls smoking roors in particular, take a look! Peace – http://www.roor-bongs.net/2011/12/roor-girls-smok

  • Bohdansmith

    These type of Girls are Looking so Beautiful and sexy. http://adolfodgre.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/cyclin

  • growgreen

    Young Android app businesses using new hemp info and 3d tours to get application sales to cover 300+dollar fee just to license with Apple. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com

  • alx

    hate hate hate hate……

  • hiiiiii

  • some where some how i ended up having 6 joints in this morning n i wondered how would my day be like.

  • akhil

    im the sycco,u r the sycco,v r the syccco,tl me who is sycccccccccccccooooooooooo

  • QuintonFresh

    Mother fuckin fuck, where are these females at.! Do i have to go to fuckin amdsterdam

  • Damn sexy as fuck. Love it and they look soooooooooo sexy

  • dav

    i love girls

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  • m4gbum

    This is best collection of photos on internet, and comments mad as bul.

  • navin

    not so good

  • mike

    I love hot chics. Hot chics that smoke weed… there’s nothing better in this universe.

    • Eddie

      I fuckin agree with that bud!!ha

  • how do these girls stay so thin, the muncies are out to get me

  • Guy

    Such cute girls i feel to fuck with fucccccKkkkkkiyyyyyyoooo

  • Yahweh Smokes

    Deliciously sexy! Who would not want to smoke with these beauties?

  • william pierce


  • Gigitree

    Theyre all so beautiful and chill. Hmj!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • gunkel,ray

    than U for 4 that picture u U r stoned!!

  • Doug

    These are the only type of pics your allowed to look at the girls boobs second. Weed first

  • nobody

    multiple orgasms.


    Yeah LENNY l see what you mean!!!,F***in sexy.Ps do a fan club where da smokers can meet up-ie-(AMSTERDAM)-where its all good……1ove

  • WonHee

    Yeah I bet these bitches think they are real cool until they try and get a real job and their employers find these pics and decide not to hire them. It's not legal quite yet people. Keep it under wraps unless you have a job that won't interfere with your love for the buddha. Taking pictures of yourself smoking weed is probably one of the dumbest things you can do. I guess it doesn't even matter, because half these bitches look fucking trashy and will probably never get a good job. Most look like they are either dying of aids or are 12 years old. If that's what you're into….

    • Robert Carlson

      What a stupid, small minded thing to say. Stoned maybe and ready for some nookie – but that doesn’t make them trashy, and even if it does I’ll take trashy over what ever kind of woman you think is attractive.

  • Haha

    Bitch you fucking nasty, fix your fucking mullet extensions. Just because you put the exposure on a picture up really high to where you're face is unrecognizable doesn't make you hot. They only thing you got going for you is those tits and that bong in your hand. You shoulda cropped out your face and maybe you'd have gotten more of the response you were looking for.

  • LOPEZ73

    Let’s put these girls on the endangered species list or let’s start cloning them. Damm where can I get one?

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  • Burn on!

  • silo

    Where can I get seeds to grow

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