57 Tricks To Rolling A Joint (From Our Readers)

We asked our 19,000+ fans on our facebook what their tricks were to rolling a joint. Some helpful, some funny and some are just different. I’ve heard of some and found out some new tricks. I Personally, I cannot roll a joint. One of the members of HMJ that can’t joints. I’m a bong guy, I can’t help it. I bolded the ones that received the most likes. Leave ideas in the comment section if we forgot any. Enjoy!

  1. Đoni “do not roll…take a bong?”
  2. Matt Yes .practice!Pete have someone else do it
  3. Matt Theres no short cuts to rolling a nice jPat Other then just eating it ….no !
  4. Rodrigo The trick is patience & love.
  5. Chase you just have to know
  6. Austen Ever use a rolling machine? Use the paper like the machine. Like cigarettes everytime. Oooooor just get some 50 year old stoner to teach you
  7. Nick Rolling machine…every time.
  8. Charlie PRACTICE
  9. John A joint needs to earned, you don’t just go and throw it into a machine. When you roll one, you feel proud of it, you look at it, admire it, think about it, then smoke it! You control the joint, the joint doesn’t control you!! …… Just pipe it man yeah
  10. Brandon It’s all about taking your time and enjoying what you are about 2 inhale.
  11. Joseph Wow I’ve been doing it for 35 year,s practice !!
  12. Ramsey Practice makes it perfect
  13. Kyle I use the table and press down and roll with it
  14. Jamez roach in first !!
  15. Lee Jame Practice makes perfect!
  16. Asuma Use a roller
  17. Kegan Vape it.
  18. David two seperate lil piles in the wrap about 1/4 inch from both ends and barely touching in the middle, roll piles gently together and out the ends trying to make a steady cigarette sized roll end to end . lick and twist if needed. let dry before lighting.
  19. Kevin fold the ends!
  20. Dave Yeah, use a glass bowl.
  21. Gennadiy Dolla dolla bill yo
  22. Celeste Roll it with a dollar bill. Before i learned with just my hands, i would use a dollar in the style a machine works.
  23. John just make sure all your product is uniformly cut,and roll,and don’t skimp out…and for goodness sakes leave enough air in there to allow it to burn properly….yeah so its an art take your time and enjoy the fruits of your labor:-)):-)):-))
  24. Efrain I crumple my paper so it loses its form, then add the weed, roll with care, and seal it with a lick. NOT TOO MUCH OR NO ONE WANTS TO SMOKE IT WITH YOU!
  25. Zack Roll the near finished product in a dollar to make it tighter
  26. Chad NO ONE SHOULD EVERY USE A ROLLER!! either learn how to pearl or put it in a pipe
  27. Samantha fold the ends at an angle like a boat too keep the weed from falling out
  28. Ashtad I have this little trick I like to call “buy a magic flight box.”
  29. Maryjane Turn off the ceiling fan ……….LOL…….I learned the hard way
  30. Kain Use a bong
  31. Jean Don’t roll when you’re f#%@ed up!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Anthony My trick to rolling a joint is just packing a fucking bowl.
  33. Paul yea have someone else roll it for you
  34. Nayr You have to treat the joint like a fine women. You have to have a soft touch but a control and feel, you’ve gotta have experience with trial and error process. The joint doesn’t control you, you control the joint. It’s art, beauty and nature at it’s finest. I recommend rolling with a roach, makes the roll a lot easier. You’ve also gotta roll at an angle for that kickass cone effect. Ye gotta have respect.
  35. Arthur Yea be good
  36. Caimin if you’re rolling with those kingsize rizzla skins (i’ve always thought they’re far too wide) a usefull trick is to fold the bottom half of the skin lengthways into a wedge shape (thicker part of the wedge being at the side you roche) , lick along the crease so it tears off easy, and then roll makes a perfect coner every time
  37. Chris twist tha front bottom corner of the paper to close up one end to help hold tha bud inside. proceed to roll, and crutch for a perfect joint everytime!
  38. Jose Fuck joints dab up
  39. Michael Practice, practice, practice.
  40. Cardo I use a technique with a dollar bill (or a receipt) when I used to smoke and ride and our driver was too paranoid to leave the light on. If you have ever seen a cigarette rolling machine its the same technique. Fold the paper like normal with a one quarter “pouch”; put horizontal into a dollar bill that faces vertical [] (The bill should go over both sides). Use your thumbs to roll up the front and indexes to roll up the back.
  41. Rene Jose Roll the roach on the tip of the paper and use it as an aid, press the roach and roll from the roach using your other hand to tuck in the rp
  42. Nick The boat method: Simply twist one end of the paper into a ball forcing the paper into somewhat of a sleeve (boat) Fill the paper with your product and simply twist at both ends.Works best for king size papers otherwise you should get yourself a roller.
  43. Francisco BONG!
  44. Olivia Que vonito siguele !!See Translation
  45. Don two piles on the paper with a gap in the middle
  46. Terry Big thing is how u grind it up..the finer the grind the eazier the roll
  47. Tony PIPE!!!!
  48. Yaneth Roll the joint and smoke tro your ass fack mariguaneros!
  49. Brian splifs
  50. Chris blunts nuff said
  51. Timmy Use a dollar bill, eventually you get it.
  52. Jorgen Smoke a pipe. Its easier and nobody takes notices.
  53. Ozzy Turf welll use a tip for instance and 2nd use rice papers :d (dutch learnings )
  54. Matt use 3 papers, 2 side by side and a 3rd across the top otherewise it aint big enough.
  55. Just get someone else to build it
  56. Joe Practice makes perfect
  57. Chris the Roller makes perfect fast joints…if you know how to work it.

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